The idea of resting doesn't sit well with John Wall, even though he was held out of Sunday's 40-minute practice because of his left ankle. 

He's going to play Monday vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder, but what does it mean for the bigger picture?

Last season, Wall talked out loud about the possibility of resting and taking games off because of his sore knees. He never did because the Wizards were playing out of a hole all season and couldn't afford to play without him. They finished 41-41 and didn't make the playoffs. Both of his knees, however, required surgery May 5. 

Now, they're 32-21 and in a much better position but Wall won't entertain the idea that's a common practice in the NBA with veterans or players coming off injuries. Wall wasn't supposed to play back-to-backs until January after his knee surgeries but was able to accelerate the timeline to do it before November was complete.

"The only time I would sit out a game is if I'm injured, or if I can't go. I'm not the type to just sit out a game," Wall said. "I think it's important for me to be there for my team. And especially for the fans, there may be certain fans that come to the game and that might be the only time they see you play. If I'm able to play, I'm going to play. If it's something that I shouldn't play through, then I will sit out. Other than that, I don't really like the games of just resting. That's not me."


Managing players' minutes and practice time has been a major emphasis for the Wizards under coach Scott Brooks. They have two games left until the All-Star break. Then the Wizards have a week off.

"Looking at the schedule, I've looked at it going into these games, and in this stretch we've had four games in nine days. So with the minutes, I can look at it that way and I can play the guys extra minutes and not feel too bad about it," Brooks said. "Then we have some days off and our loads in practices have been very low. But looking ahead, also in March, we're going to have to be really aware of all the games that we do play, the back-to-backs and the four-in-five nights. This stretch of the month, we have a lot of rest and we're going to take advantage of it."

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