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John Wall hides autographed pair of new shoes -- now go find 'em


John Wall hides autographed pair of new shoes -- now go find 'em


John Wall has a "very, very special surprise" for his fans, and if you like the Wizards point guard, sweet basketball shoes, or movies like National Treasure, you'll be into it.

Wall took over Adidas Basketball's Periscope account for a few hours on Tuesday, and while in charge, he sent out this video, which was taken on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial:

The video may have only been 54 seconds long, but a lot happened in it. First, there's Wall, saying that he's going to give us "the very first exclusive look" of his JWall 2's, the second edition of his signature shoe. Next, the All-Star pans to his left hand, where he's holding a pristine white sneaker, and gives a couple of prolonged "Oooh's" as he presents the shoe to the world's eye for the first time.

Wall then says the JWall 2's don't officially drop until the fall, but this is where the surprise comes in.

"I'm gonna sign and hide this pair somewhere," he says. "I'll let you know on Twitter where I drop 'em at. Peace out, now ya'll go find it."

About two hours later, Wall tweeted the first clue from his personal account:

The picture gives us a clear look at Wall's new kicks (the video was a bit pixelated) and also provides fans a major clue as to where they are. What flag is that in the middle of the shot? What clock tower is that in the left side of the frame? And is that the Capitol in the far distance? These are all questions that experienced scavenger hunters are asking themselves right now.

Wizards fans: Break out your maps, dust off your compass, and go buy some invisible ink reading glasses. Let the hunt begin.

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Nassir Little is top of his class, in the draft and in school

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Nassir Little is top of his class, in the draft and in school

The draft order has been decided, teams are hosting final workouts, and the NBA Draft is just a few days away. On June 20, the Washington Wizards will pick 9th overall with the hope to add some help on defense. The team has hosted workouts and invited players such as University of Noth Carolina's, Nassir Little.

NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller sat down with Little after his workout with the Wizards. His skill on the court is not the only thing that should impress people.

Little graduated from Orlando Christian Prep as salutatorian in 2018. Miller joked on the latest episode of the Wizards Talk Podcast that he should be referred to as "Nassir Little the science guy." 

The 19-year-old has a passion for science and learning. "I just really like learning about everything and how stuff works, it's what I was into." Little broke down his play style "scientifically" calling himself a player that is extremely athletic, able to guard multiple positions and "a guy with a 40 inch vertical."

Miller noted that the Wizards have been the only team that has highlighted his abilities in the classroom. 

Little's graduation rank is quite uncommon. However, he is not the only draft pick to graduate near the top of his class. Grant Hill graduated as the valedictorian and was drafted 3rd overall in 1994. Both Little and Hill wore blue during their time in college. Little sported Carolina Blue for one year while Hill spent four years in Duke blue. MORE WIZARDS NEWS:

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Report: Deputy considering lawsuit against Raptors' Masai Ujiri

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Report: Deputy considering lawsuit against Raptors' Masai Ujiri

The sheriff's deputy who allegedly got into an altercation with Raptors president of operations Masai Ujiri has retained a lawyer and is considering filing a lawsuit against the Raptors executive, according to a report. 

David Mastagni, the newly hired attorney, told San Francisco TV station KPIX reporter Katie Nielsen and the Associated Press that the Alameda County sheriff's deputy was unable to work and had a concussion from the incident following the Raptors' NBA championship win at Oracle Arena last week.

Sgt. Ray Kelly told NBC Sports Washington last week that Ujiri wasn't wearing the proper credentials to celebrate with the Raptors on the court at Oracle Arena after his team won the final. When the sheriff's deputy tried to stop him, according to Kelly, he was pushed and struck in the face by Ujiri. 

Ujiri was eventually identified and allowed on the floor. He was seen moments later celebrating with the Raptors players on the ABC broadcast. 

Last week a Raptors spokesperson told NBC Sports Washington that the incident “is being looked at, and we are cooperating with authorities. We look forward to resolving the situation.” When reached on Tuesday, the spokesperson said there was no further comment.

On Tuesday, KPIX's Nielsen reported that Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern had reviewed body camera and security camera footage of the incident and supports the deputy. According to the report,  he is recommending the case move forward to the District Attorney for charges of misdemeanor battery of a police officer.

NBC Sports Washington's Ben Standig reported earlier that the Wizards were preparing an offer to try to lure Ujiri from Toronto to take the vacant top position in the team's front office - though Ujiri, while celebrating at the parade in Toronto on Monday, might have hinted that he wasn't interested in leaving quite yet. "We will continue to win in Toronto," he told fans.