John Wall jawed at Julio Jones, Gucci Mane and Migos's Quavo at Wizards-Hawks Game 6


BY TYLER BYRUM, @theTylerByrum

Where do you find an NFL All-Pro wide receiver, and two of the largest hip-hop figures in the country? Why, Game 6 of the Wizards vs. Hawks series of course.

In Phillips Arena, located in downtown Atlanta, Julio Jones, Gucci Mane and Quavo (a member of Migos) were spotted courtside as the Wizards clinched the first round series. Don't bet on any of them rooting for the Wizards though as all three have ties to Atlanta.

-Jones, playing for the Atlanta Falcons
-Mane, hometown is Atlanta
-Quavo, hometown is Lawrenceville, Georgia

To make it even better, John Wall started jawing with them in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. Scoring 42 points, 19 in the fourth quarter, Wall comanding a win, was on the higher ground.

Both Jones and Quavo are currently partnered with Champ Sports in their newest advertising gig. As a native of Atlanta, no surprise that Gucci Mane joined the party, which ended with Wall sending them home early.

After the game, he told assembled media what he said to the trio. And his play backed it up. 


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