John Wall earned a massive pay raise over the weekend when he and the Wizards agreed to a four-year, $170 million contract that will begin with the 2019-20 season. Here are some notes and numbers to consider with Wall's new deal...

*Wall does not immediately jump Bradley Beal and Otto Porter as the highest paid player on the team. He will make just over $18 million in 2017-18 and $19.1 million the following season as he plays out the rest of his first max contract.

*When Wall's contract kicks in for the 2019-20 season, he will make $37.8 million to start. By then the question of who is the highest paid athlete in D.C., if anyone cares, could get interesting. Wall will be making a ton of money, but will Bryce Harper of the Nationals surpass that number? Wall's will only go up from there. 

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*Here is how Wall's salary breaks out over the course of his six years under contract:

2017-18 - $18.063 million

2018-19 - $19.169 million

2019-20 - $37.800 million

2020-21 - $40.824 million

2021-22 - $43.848 million

2022-23 - $46.872 million

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*The Wizards have $125.232 million in payroll committed for the 2017-18 season. They have $127.755 million set for 2018-19, $107.593 million for 2019-20 and $98.065 million for 2020-21. Beal and Porter come off the books following that season.


*Ian Mahinmi is the only Wizards player besides Wall, Beal and Porter with a contract past the 2018-19 season.

*Wall's $170 million deal is up there with the biggest contracts ever handed out in the NBA. It's right behind Stephen Curry ($201 million), Blake Griffin ($172 million) and tied with James Harden. Like Harden, Wall's four-year deal is technically just south of $170 million.

*Because it will take two years to kick in, Wall currently remains a bargain in today's NBA. His $18 million will not even rank in the top 45 among players next season.

*Wall's contract will keep him in Washington through the age of 32. He is set to play for the Wizards through his 13th NBA season. That would tie the entire career of legends like Wes Unseld, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kevin McHale and Isaiah Thomas. Michael Jordan played 13 total years for the Bulls.

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