Kelly Oubre stayed late after practice because he has time on his hands. The NBA suspended him for Game 4 of the semifinal with the Boston Celtics and he'll be barred from Verizon Center to even watch.

"I'm not surprised," Oubre said after Saturday's practice. "The league has to do what they have to do. They have to handle that situation."

Oubre bodychecked Kelly Olynyk to the floor in Game 3. He took exception to hard screens from the Celtics' 7-footer, who also delivered one two minutes prior to the one at 9:12 that floored Oubre, was called an offensive foul and led to the altercation.

Oubre charged full-speed at Olynyk and went through game official Monty McCutcheon to slam into him.

"I hope he's OK. I reach out to him," Oubre said. "I (offered) him my apology."

That's to McCutcheon and not Olynyk, who was assessed a common foul and remained in the game. Oubre's contention is that Olynyk went to his head twice and he'd had words with him earlier in the series about it. 

"It's the consequence for my actions," Oubre said. "Right now, just looking forward to the next game I'm able to play. Getting better until then. Tomorrow my teammates are going to step up, hold it down. We're a next-man-up team. I have no worries in that."

Coach Scott Brooks understands the reason for Oubre's anger but wants the 21-year-old to have better poise. 

"I respect the league's decision. Probably knew it was going to come down to that," Brooks said. "I said yesterday we got to do a better job of controlling our emotions no matter what leads to you to lose your control. ... We just want to play basketball."


Oubre won't be allowed to be with the team or at Verizon Center for Game 4. He told CSNmidatlantic.com he'll be home watching to see if his Wizards can draw even at 2 in the series.