Kelly Oubre, Jr. is all about his family which made it no surprise to hear that's how he spent Game 4 on Sunday while serving his one-game suspension for his shove of Kelly Olynyk in Game 3.

The second-year forward was not allowed to attend the game per NBA rules, so he decided to go back to his house and watch with his dad, sister and dogs.

Oubre, naturally, was having a heck of a time watching the Wizards blow out the Celtics and tie up the series. His dad, though, was being a dad.

"I was going pretty crazy, but he kept reminding me I should be on the court instead of at home," Oubre told CSN.

"He wasn't in a bad mood, but he would just constantly remind me if I was joking about something, he would be like, 'It would be easier if you said that on the court.' But that's my dad. That's my dad for you. It's tough love and I love it."

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Oubre, 21, was excited especially in the second half when the Wizards went on a 26-0 run and imposed their will on Boston. His dad was there to help him maintain a level head.


"It was strategic. It definitely worked. I already had that in my mind, so I respect him for that," Oubre said.

How about that 26-0 run? Oubre sort of saw it coming.

"It was incredible. I was like, 'Oh, it's over now.' Once John Wall woke up in the second quarter, once he woke up I was like, 'It's gonna be over.' He's so dominant that you can tell as you watch him as a fan. You could tell he was unstoppable and he was going to have a great night that night," Oubre said.

Now Oubre will join the team in Boston and rejoin the Wizards, now with some extra motivation in part because of his dad.

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