Kelly Oubre: 'Recurring events' led to blowup in Game 3 with Kelly Olynyk vs. Celtics


It was the first time in his young career that he'd been ejected, but Kelly Oubre had enough of what he considered to be cheap shots on screens from Kelly Olynyk who he didn't mention by name after Friday's practice.

Oubre, 21, was ejected in the second quarter of Game 3 after clashing with the 7-footer, taking exception to an illegal screen (it was called a common foul) and coming unhinged.

"It was just recurring events. I've been hit in the head multiple times by the same person," Oubre said. "I've confronted him about it. The last time it happened, I fell, I felt pain in my head and my jaw and I got up and I ran to him and I bumped him."

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Oubre had a concussion in December when he had a collision in a game vs. the Detroit Pistons. 

"Whenever my head hurts or I get hit in the face, my initial reaction isn't going to be pleasant," Oubre said. 

The Flagrant 2 foul led to Oubre's automatic ejection and likely another penalty at some point Friday from the league office that could be a fine and/or suspension. 

"I'm not going out on the court looking to maliciously hurt anybody," Oubre said. "I'm just going out there to play hard. I'm sure he's doing the same thing. ... I've learned my lesson."


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