LeBron James traveling against the Washington Wizards is a time-honored tradition. Without the LeBron and the Wizards, the phrase 'crab-dribble' would not hold the significance that it does.

But what doesn't happen often is LeBron actually admitting a travel, like he did on Monday night. LeBron, in fact, says he traveled on a key play with five seconds left in regulation of the Cavs' 140-135 win over the Wizards.

LeBron missed a layup and blamed the travel, which wasn't called, for him not making the shot:

“The extra step that I took, which was a travel, threw me off of my rhythm. It was a point blank layup and I missed it. I was blessed to be in a position where I could make up for it. Kev [Love] game me a great pass, a play that we work on in practice."

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Of course, that play didn't end up mattering much, as LeBron quickly redeemed himself with an unbelievable bankshot three-pointer to send the game to overtime. You can see both of the plays right here:


What a wild game that was.

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