The work week was a tough one for Marcin Gortat. The Wizards' center deflected a pass that ended up in the basket for the opposition after taking a fastball to the face in consecutive games against the Toronto Raptors. 

John Wall tried to pass to a teammate on a broken play but found Gortat's face instead in a 105-96 win in Toronto and Gortat knocked in a pass for Cory Joseph in a 114-106 loss two days later.

"Jesus Christ, it was a bad week. It was a bad week, man. It was a bad week. Two Shaqtin-A-Fools," Gortat said after Saturday's practice at Verizon Center. "First with John's great pass. Two, with my defelction yesterday in the basket. My shots getting blocked left and right. Two games where I basically (got) in foul trouble, agaisnt Golden State and against Toronto in Toronto. Balls are going away from me on the rebounds. I can't get the rebounds. It was a bad week."

Gortat has a chance to end the week on a good note Sunday, when the Wizards (36-24) meet the Orlando Magic before starting a five-game road trip.

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