When the trade deadline came and went a few months ago, Marcin Gortat was surprised to still be with the Wizards.

He seems to be bracing for a possible change now that their season ended in the East semifinals for the third time in five years, but he has two years left on his contract.

Gortat is realistic about the possiblities of what might happen after a 49-win season. He has two years left on a five-year deal that he signed for $60 million in 2014. The Wizards signed Ian Mahinmi, who was his backup, to four years for $64 million last summer.

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"I had 103 games this year and I haven't missed even one game. I didn't miss one practice or shootaround. On top of that I'm the oldest guy on the team," Gortat said during exit interviews. "I know how the business works. I'm the oldest guy on the team. They signed Ian also. He's younger than me and he got a longer contract. I just know how the business works so I'm prepared for everything just in case. We're going to talk. I'm going to talk to Ernie (Grunfeld). I'm going to talk to managment and we're going to figure it out."

Gortat didn't have a strong finish to the regular season as the double-doubles stopped. He had just six points and a game-high 11 rebounds in a Game 7 loss in Boston on Monday night. He shot 2-for-6 and had four turnovers as the Wizards couldn't take advantage of the smaller lineups the Celtics rolled out. 


Mahinmi played 11 minutes but was ineffective as he didn't grab a rebound or score. He picked up four fouls. 

"We tried to do out best," Gortat said of the 115-105 game 7 loss at TD Garden. "We had five talented guys in the starting lineup. Everybody wants to score. Everybody wants to be the guy but there's only one basketball. Somebody has to do sacrifices for the team. We just came up short.

"People don't thow balls into the post-up anymore because percentage-wise it's better to shoot a few more threes. ... It's not a secret. At the same time somebody has to take sacrifices for this team. You can't have five guys scoring, every game, 20 points. That's impossible. Nobody can do that. That's why someobdy has to be responsible for collecting rebounds and setting screens. Soembody else got to score. That's how it is on this team. I feel like this year it was me doing a lot of sacrificing. I got one of the most (under)appreciated positions in the NBA. Nobody respects centers anymore. Nobody looks at them as a valuable piece. I've been doing a lot of things for the team to win.

"I know there's a lot of freaking idiots looking directly at the column with the points telling me that, 'You only score four to six points. We lost because of you.' That's how it is. People that know basketball, they know what I bring to the table."