It turns out Marcus Morris thought the jokes about him switching with his twin brother Markeff for Game 2 were funnier than Markieff did.

Markieff badly sprained his ankle in Game 1 in Boston in a Wizards loss. In Game 2, he returned to drop 16 points with six rebounds, three assists and two steals. That prompted conspiracy theories from all over suggesting that Marcus, who plays for the Detroit Pistons, tagged in to replace him. Marcus has sat courtside for several Wizards playoff games this year, including once in Markieff's Wizards jersey.

The Morris twins have always dealt with those jokes, but this time the story got bigger than ever. BBC News and CNN even did stories on it.

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Marcus thought it was hilarious and tweeted several times about it. Markieff, though, took those jokes a bit more personal.

"It wasn't funny to me," he said. "It's not one of those things that I play about in this type of situation, especially with an injury. With how serious I am about the team and winning, but I guess people got a laugh from it."

Markieff went on to have some fun with the story, saying that people should know the differences between them. Not only are they identical twins, they have the exact same tattoos and both trim their hair and beard similarly.


"We would never do anything like that," Markieff said. "Plus, we are different. We are different players. How could you not tell? He's 10 pounds lighter than me, way faster than me, he's more agile. We have different games. It was funny, but I took it seriously."

There you go. It's settled.

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