The Wizards went on a 26-0 run to take control of Game 4 against the Celtics in the third quarter and ultimately tie the series up at 2-2. Head coach Scott Brooks said it might have been their best stretch of basketball this season.

That was a great perspective. But Markieff Morris definitely summed it up best. Morris described afterwards what was going through his mind during the run. He didn't mince his words.

"Blow them the f--- out. Just keep pressing them. Go up by 50 if we can. That's the mindset I feel like all of us had," he said.

That's an exceptional quote. Morris also said he couldn't remember if he had ever been involved in a 26-0 run. But, naturally, he thought this one was a lot of fun.

"The crowd was into it and that really ignited us. I didn't even know it was 26-0," he said.

Morris ended up with 16 points, 10 rebounds and three steals in the 121-102 victory. He also had another great quote on the Celtics continuing to switch their starting lineup at the forward position between Amir Johnson, who started Game 4, and Gerald Green who started Game 3.

"Either way, they're in a lose-lose switching that guy," Morris said.

Okay, one more honest Morris quote for good measure:

"We're the better team and we feel like we've been the better team."

Morris is one of the best quotes in town.

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