BOSTON -- Whether or not Markieff Morris can play Tuesday -- he thinks he can -- he plans on looking Al Horford in the eyes to ask if the play that caused him to injure his left ankle and leave Game 1 was intentional.

"I'm not sure," Morris said of the second-quarter incident Sunday vs. the Boston Celtics. "I'm going to ask him, though. I looked at it a couple times. It's not really that pretty, so I couldn't really watch it too much."

Morris went down in a heap midway through the second quarter of a 123-111 loss for the Wizards in Game 1. The Wizards never looked like themselves after they started the game 16-0.

Morris was booed for staying on the floor for so long to hold up the game. He'd made the jump shot over Horford, got up to hit the foul shot for the infraction and left for good with the Wizards ahead 45-42. 

"He said 'my fault,'" Morris said when asked about the verbal exchange he had with his opponent. "That was his words."

Morris watched his teammates practice at TD Garden wearing slippers with his heavily wrapped left ankle that had a stim device attached. 

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Morris missed time after first injuring his left ankle in a game vs. the Miami Heat in November.

"He's had treatments all day yesterday and last night. Same thing this morning," coach Scott brooks said. "Will just see how he feels game to game. I don't want to make any call on anything right now. 

"It's a sprain. Our medical team and we'll all get together and do what's best for him. Right now he's out until we see how he feels tomorrow."

Morris' ankle problems go back further than this. In his sixth NBA season, he recalled issues he had even before he was drafted 13th overall in 2011 by the Phoenix Suns. 

"Everybody has their injury. That was my injury. Twisted my ankle a lot," said Morris, who was at Kansas for three seasons. "Been working on them a lot. (Sunday) was one of thsoe things it really didn't matter the strength of your ankles at all. He was just up under me. That was the cause of it.

"I'm feeling better. The swelling went down a whole lot. I'm just going to keep treating it and get ready for Game 2." 

He acknowledges that despite his willingness to play now given that he gauged his ankle pain as a 5 on a scale from 1-10, it'll be the team doctors' decision along with Brooks. He hopes, however, that they take what he thinks into consideration, too.

"I got to pass the protocol for the team. That's final," Morris said. "It's nothing doctors can say to me to not be able to play. Got an X-Ray and I can see clearly it wasn't broken so give me leeway for my decision."

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