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Monumental feat: Wizards, Caps end month undefeated at Verizon Center

Monumental feat: Wizards, Caps end month undefeated at Verizon Center

By beating the New York Knicks 117-101 on Tuesday night, the Wizards extended their home winning streak to an impressive 15 games. That's the second-longest home streak in franchise history and the longest since 1989.

But it's not just them who have been holding down the fort in Washington, D.C. Their Verizon Center roommates, the NHL's Capitals, also have a home winning streak of their own. They haven't lost at home in seven games.

Combine the two and the Wizards and Capitals have gone undefeated through one full month of 2017. The Wizards went 7-0 and the Capitals went 7-0-0. That has to make Ted Leonsis and his ownership group some very happy people.

Let's take a closer look at what the Wizards have accomplished. Below are some notes and numbers to put this amazing run in perspective:

*15 straight is the second-longest home streak in Wizards/Bullets franchise history. The last team to win 15 in a row was the 1988-89 Bullets. That streak ended on April 7, 1989. Interestingly enough, that team didn't make the playoffs.

*The longest home streak in franchise history is 22 straight wins. That was accomplished by the 1974-75 Bullets, the first year they were known as the 'Washington Bullets.' That team went on to win a franchise-best 60 games overall and lose in the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors.

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*Speaking of the Warriors, only Golden State and the Cleveland Cavaliers have more home wins (21) this season than the Wizards who have 20. Washington is 20-6 at the Verizon Center this season. The Wizards finished January with 12 wins overall, tied for the most among all teams for the month with... you guessed it, the Warriors.

*Washington is also second to only the Warriors this season in field goal percentage at home. The Wizards shoot 49.2 percent, while the Warriors shoot 52 percent. Ranking favorably in shooting percentage with a team featuring all-time great shooters like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant is no small feat.

*The Wizards' 15 straight wins at home is the longest active streak in the NBA. The second-longest active streak is six wins, held by the Miami Heat. Three teams have won nine in a row at some point this season: the Spurs, Cavs and Warriors.

*The Wizards' last lost at home on Dec. 6, 124-116 to the Orlando Magic. They have not lost at the Verizon Center in 57 days. 

*The Wizards' franchise record of 22 games is 30th all-time among NBA teams. They have a long way to go to get within reach of NBA history. For instance, if they win their next game at home and extend the streak to 16, that would put them just inside the top 100 home streaks in NBA history.

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*The NBA record for consecutive wins at home is held by the 2015-16 Warriors who won 54 straight. The 2015-16 Spurs are second with 48 consecutive home wins.

Here is the top 10:

Via Basketball Reference

That's a lot of impressive stats. We'll see if the Wizards can add to the list. Next up is the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday at the Verizon Center. Here are the next seven home games of theirs, keeping that 22-game record in mind:

Feb. 2 vs. L.A. Lakers
Feb. 4 vs. New Orleans Pelicans
Feb. 6 vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
Feb. 10 vs. Indiana Pacers
Feb. 13 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
Feb. 26 vs. Utah Jazz
Feb. 28 vs. Golden State Warriors

That's a tough group of teams. But the Wizards have made it this far, why stop now?

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Bradley Beal on Wizards draftee Rui Hachimura: 'He's a monster'

Bradley Beal on Wizards draftee Rui Hachimura: 'He's a monster'

The Wizards added two pieces during the 2019 NBA Draft that franchise expects to be vital pieces of their future in Gonzaga's Rui Hachimura at No. 9 and Tennessee's Admiral Schofield at No. 42

Before Monday night's 2018-19 NBA Awards ceremony, NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller caught up with the two faces of the franchise, Bradley Beal and John Wall, to see what they thought of the new additions to the squad.

Beal had high praise for Hachimura.

"I didn't know much," Beal said on what he knew about the Gonzaga product prior to the draft. "But from what I've seen watching the draft and things I've seen pre-draft and things like that, he's a monster."

The praise did not stop there. 

"He plays hard, extremely hard," Beal said. "Hopefully, he can have an impact right away." 

While an immediate impact would be beneficial for a Wizards team that could use Hachimura's scoring (he averaged 19.7 points per game at Gonzaga), Beal understands that Hachimura is still a very raw player. After all, he's only been playing basketball for eight years.

"But at the same time, we want him to grow," Beal said on Hachimura. "We know he hasn't been playing too long. But that's something we can build off of and mold him into the player we need him to be. He has tremendous upside, and I'm excited to get going. Hopefully, come September, October he's ready to go."

While Beal may not have known too much about Hachimura, he had followed the other Wizards draft pick, Admiral Schofield, for quite some time. 

"I love his game; I loved him in college," Beal said on Schofield. 

Beal joked about Schofield's body type, wondering whether basketball is the sport the Wizards second-round pick should be playing.

"He's got a football body. He's built like a tight end, wide receiver," Beal said. "I'm definitely happy that we have him, a fellow SEC guy. Him and [Jordan] McRae are going to hit it off. He can shoot, he's athletic, so I'm definitely excited to have him as well."

While Wall did not go into as much detail as Beal about the Wizards draft class, he was just as excited about the two new additions.

"I think it's good," Wall said. "We added some pieces [in the draft], [we'll] see what we do in free agency to add some guys to bring back or we're going to go after somebody new. I think we'll be fine."

According to head coach Scott Brooks, both Beal and Wall can identify talent very well

"The thing I love about John and Brad: they love the game," Brooks said last week. "You can call them up, there could be high school players, WNBA players, it could be college players, it could be European players, they know them."

"It's like, 'don't you guys have a life?'" Brooks joked.

Wall spent most of his time with NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller discussing his Achilles rehab, where he revealed he is going to begin jogging soon. That's a good sign for the Wizards, even though Wall s expected to miss the majority of the 2019-2020 season.

In Hachimura and Schofield, the Wizards got two pieces that are not expected to contribute right away, but also potentially have the ability to do so. Earning high praise from the two most important players on the Wizards' roster is a good start for both of the Wizards 2019 NBA Draft selections. 


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5 guards the Wizards could target in NBA free agency including Quinn Cook and Patrick Beverley

5 guards the Wizards could target in NBA free agency including Quinn Cook and Patrick Beverley

The Washington Wizards will not have much money to spend in free agency and they have some of their own players to re-sign, which could affect the positions they target. With that in mind, here are some potential bargain options expected to be available this summer at the guard position...

Patrick Beverley, PG

Age: 30 (turns 31 in July)
2018-19 team: Clippers
2018-19 salary: $5M
2018-19 stats: 7.6 ppg, 3.8 apg, 5.0 rpg, 0.9 spg, 40.7 FG% (2.5/6.1), 39.7 3PT% (1.4/3.6)

Analysis: This could make sense if the Wizards realize quickly in free agency that Tomas Satoransky isn't coming back. If Satoransky returns, and that's what the Wizards hope, then Beverley would probably be too expensive. But from a playing style standpoint, he fits perfectly with what they desperately need. The Wizards were one of the worst defensive teams in basketball last season and lacked an overall edge. Beverley would form a tough frontline with Bradley Beal and add outside shooting.

Rajon Rondo, PG

Age: 33
2018-19 team: Lakers
2018-19 salary: $9M
2018-19 stats: 9.2 ppg, 8.0 apg, 5.3 rpg, 1.2 spg, 40.5 FG% (3.8/9.4), 35.9 3PT% (1.1/3.1)

Analysis: Here's another option that only really works if Satoransky leaves. But Rondo would be cheap by starting point guard standards and, in theory, could help the Wizards on the defensive end. If Washington is hell-bent on competing for the playoffs this season, Rondo could be among their best options to run point. He still can't shoot, but could run the offense as a stopgap until John Wall returns.

Wayne Ellington, SG

Age: 31
2018-19 team: Heat/Pistons
2018-19 salary: $6.3M
2018-19 stats: 12.0 ppg, 1.5 apg, 2.1 rpg, 1.1 spg, 42.1 FG% (4.1/9.8), 37.3 3PT% (2.9/7.8)

Analysis: The Wizards may not be able to afford Ellington, but he shouldn't command major money, so it's possible. He would be an excellent fit on their bench and could probably play alongside Beal in three-guard lineups. The biggest selling point point is shooting. Ellington would give the Wizards another three-point threat and they are probably going to need some shooters this offseason, especially if they let Bobby Portis walk in free agency.

Ian Clark, SG

Age: 28
2018-19 team: Pelicans
2018-19 salary: $1.8M
2018-19 stats: 6.7 ppg, 1.6 apg, 1.5 rpg, 0.4 spg, 39.4 FG% (2.5/6.4), 32.7 3PT% (1.1/3.4)

Analysis: Clark wouldn't cost much, especially given he's coming off a down year. He is supposed to be a consistent three-point shooter, at least he was in Golden State. When he hit free agency two years ago, he was coming off a year in which he shot 37.4 percent from three. But since, he has shot just 32.2 percent. The Wizards could take a flier on him much like they did with Jodie Meeks. The Meeks deal didn't work out, but maybe Clark would.

Quinn Cook, PG

Age: 26
2018-19 team: Warriors
2018-19 salary: $1.5M
2018-19 stats: 6.9 ppg, 1.6 apg, 2.1 rpg, 0.3 spg, 46.5 FG% (2.8/5.9), 40.5 3PT% (1.1/2.7)

Analysis: Cook is from the D.C. area and starred at DeMatha High School. He is a 41.8 percent three-point shooter for his career and proved in this year's playoffs he can be counted on in big moments. But there is speculation that he and Kevin Durant want to play together next year and the Wizards don't have a realistic shot at signing the latter. The Wizards, though, could possibly offer Cook a chance to start. Maybe that could help sway him.