Morning tip: Celtics commit to taking away Bradley Beal and succeed in doing so


With the exception of a few games, Bradley Beal has had a miserable postseason when it comes to shooting the ball which is supposed to be his strength. In the second-round series with the Boston Celtics, they've succeeded in taking away his looks and his ability to create for others.

He had a game-high six turnovers in Game 2, a 129-119 overtime loss. In both games of the series, he's 13-for-34 shooting (38.2%), including 5 of 16 from three (31.2%). 

Coach Scott Brooks wasn't pleased with how Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown and Avery Bradley were being allowed to be hands-on with his shooting guard. He shot 1-for-9 as the Wizards lost a 13-point lead and find themselves in a must-win situation for Game 3 tonight at Verizon Center.

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A look at where Beal has had problems:

Under constant pressure

Standing still

Seeing numbers on mismatches

Boston isn't the Atlanta Hawks, who relied on their guards to recover off screens to contest Beal and sank their big into the paint to prevent finishes at the rim. The Celtics are much more aggressive in what they're taking away from Beal rather than allowing him mid-range twos such as Atlanta.

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