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Morning tip: If John Wall committed 'hostile act' what was Draymond Green's?

Morning tip: If John Wall committed 'hostile act' what was Draymond Green's?

Before the Wizards play the Golden State Warriors today, the NBA could render a fine on John Wall that'll go beyond the $4,000 he's required to pay for his 15th technical foul in a loss to the Utah Jazz. 

But Draymond Green, a forward for the Warriors, was involved in a controversial play on Friday night, too. 

Wall went around a screen by Rudy Gobert and appeared to tap him with an open hand around the beltline/lower mid-section. It originally wasn't called anything by game officials who went to the replay and concluded, according to Wizards coach Scott Brooks, that it was a "hostile act."

Wall is now one more technical away from an automatic one-game suspension with six games left in the regular season. 

Green admitted to purposefully hacking James Harden over his injured left wrist in their win over the Houston Rockets. In fact, he said: “He pinched me so I punched his wrist. That’s pretty much it.”

Green's penalty? He was called for a common foul for a play that appeared to be far more dangerous and purposeful that could've seriously injured an opponent. 

The action didn't cost him $4,000 like a technical does for Wall. 

Different officiating crews are going to vary in how they decide to penalize these situations. They're not going to call a game in the Bay Area based on how a game in Salt Lake City is being officiated. That's not realistic.

But it is the job of the league office to step in to achieve fairness and to get it right. If anything, Green probably should've received a flagrant. Wall's likely should be a common foul at worst. Applying a technical after the play doesn't make much sense.

It's difficult to determine if what Wall did was intentional contact. He didn't use a fist. He didn't swing. It didn't even prevent Gobert from getting back into the play, though he did pause upon inital contact. Green's was clearly intended to hurt the opponent. 

Wall was ejected for shoving Marcus Smart earlier this season, angry over a no-call when he felt the Boston Celtics guard was getting away with dirty tactics. But short of that, does Wall have a history of cheap shots?

Green's history is well-documented which includes a Game 5 suspension in the NBA Finals last season for kicking. If the league takes past history into consideration, Wall probably deserves the benefit of the doubt.  

Wall likely will be hit with a sizable fine for what he said postgame, blaming the officiating for the 95-88 loss. That's a completely separate issue. But if his contact with Gobert is worthy of being more than a common foul, then what's a fair punishment for Green?

These infractions aren't equal, and whatever the league concludes upon review Wall's penalty should not be greater.

Otherwise, it'll solidify Wall's long-held belief that he doesn't get the respect -- or fair treatment -- compared to other All-Stars.

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Celtics and Sixers may go relatively unchanged this offseason, as stars have gone elsewhere

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Celtics and Sixers may go relatively unchanged this offseason, as stars have gone elsewhere

The 2018 NBA offseason in just three weeks has become one of the wildest summers in the league's history between LeBron James signing with the Lakers, and all the characters that followed him, to DeMarcus Cousins surprising everyone to sign with the Golden State Warriors, to Kawhi Leonard getting traded to the Raptors.

As crazy as it all has been, two teams in the Eastern Conference stand out for so far doing very little, either by choice or circumstance. The Celtics and Sixers, the two teams most see as the favorites in the East, appear at least so far to be running it back with the same group of players.

This appears to be the Celtics' intention. After overhauling their roster last summer, they clearly see an opportunity to take a step forward as-is. Boston was one win away from the NBA Finals and will return Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving from injury. With James gone to the West, they can improve significanly just by keeping it all together.

Boston re-signed Marcus Smart and Aron Baynes. Their biggest addition this summer so far has been their first round pick, Robert Williams.

The Sixers, unlike the Celtics, didn't appear to plan on doing it this way. They wanted James and missed out. They reportedly had interest in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, but both went elsewhere. There are no stars left to sign in free agency and the trade market may be drying up.

Philly made some minor moves like trades for Wilson Chandler and Mike Muscala. They may also have a deal for Kyle Korver in the works. They also had two first round picks in Zhaire Smith and Landry Shamet.

There's a chance the Sixers got better than people think, as many of the moves they made seem smart. But they didn't reel in a big fish and will probably come back for the 2018-19 season with a team very similar to the one that made the second round of the playoffs this spring.

The fact the Celtics and Sixers may stand pat is probably a good thing for the rest of the East. Both teams may improve naturally if they are healthier and if their young players continue to ascend. But neither made a game-changing addition, one that would solidify either as an unstoppable superteam in the conference. 

The West is overloaded with title contenders and All-NBA players. The East, meanwhile, is much more open and it may end up staying that way mainly because Boston and Philly have been quiet so far this summer.

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Wizards set introductory press conference for Dwight Howard

Wizards set introductory press conference for Dwight Howard

Wizards team president Ernie Grunfeld has stayed relatively busy this summer crafting his new-look lineup for the 2018-19 season. 

One of the team's key additions, Dwight Howard, is set to be introduced as a member of the Wizards on Monday. 

NBC Sports Washington will air the introductory press conference live at 1 p.m. while also streaming it online.  

Ernie Grunfeld and head coach Scott Brooks are both expected to be in attendance. 

The 32-year-old big man is coming off a 2017-18 season with the Charlotte Hornets in which he averaged 16.6 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. 

Since leaving the Orlando Magic after eight seasons in 2011, Howard has played for four different teams in the last six years. 

Howard is an eight-time all-star and a three-time defensive player of the year. 



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