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Morning tip: If John Wall committed 'hostile act' what was Draymond Green's?

Morning tip: If John Wall committed 'hostile act' what was Draymond Green's?

Before the Wizards play the Golden State Warriors today, the NBA could render a fine on John Wall that'll go beyond the $4,000 he's required to pay for his 15th technical foul in a loss to the Utah Jazz. 

But Draymond Green, a forward for the Warriors, was involved in a controversial play on Friday night, too. 

Wall went around a screen by Rudy Gobert and appeared to tap him with an open hand around the beltline/lower mid-section. It originally wasn't called anything by game officials who went to the replay and concluded, according to Wizards coach Scott Brooks, that it was a "hostile act."

Wall is now one more technical away from an automatic one-game suspension with six games left in the regular season. 

Green admitted to purposefully hacking James Harden over his injured left wrist in their win over the Houston Rockets. In fact, he said: “He pinched me so I punched his wrist. That’s pretty much it.”

Green's penalty? He was called for a common foul for a play that appeared to be far more dangerous and purposeful that could've seriously injured an opponent. 

The action didn't cost him $4,000 like a technical does for Wall. 

Different officiating crews are going to vary in how they decide to penalize these situations. They're not going to call a game in the Bay Area based on how a game in Salt Lake City is being officiated. That's not realistic.

But it is the job of the league office to step in to achieve fairness and to get it right. If anything, Green probably should've received a flagrant. Wall's likely should be a common foul at worst. Applying a technical after the play doesn't make much sense.

It's difficult to determine if what Wall did was intentional contact. He didn't use a fist. He didn't swing. It didn't even prevent Gobert from getting back into the play, though he did pause upon inital contact. Green's was clearly intended to hurt the opponent. 

Wall was ejected for shoving Marcus Smart earlier this season, angry over a no-call when he felt the Boston Celtics guard was getting away with dirty tactics. But short of that, does Wall have a history of cheap shots?

Green's history is well-documented which includes a Game 5 suspension in the NBA Finals last season for kicking. If the league takes past history into consideration, Wall probably deserves the benefit of the doubt.  

Wall likely will be hit with a sizable fine for what he said postgame, blaming the officiating for the 95-88 loss. That's a completely separate issue. But if his contact with Gobert is worthy of being more than a common foul, then what's a fair punishment for Green?

These infractions aren't equal, and whatever the league concludes upon review Wall's penalty should not be greater.

Otherwise, it'll solidify Wall's long-held belief that he doesn't get the respect -- or fair treatment -- compared to other All-Stars.

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How to watch Wizards at Celtics 'Predict the Game' broadcast

How to watch Wizards at Celtics 'Predict the Game' broadcast

The Washington Wizards are traveling to Boston to play a red-hot Boston Celtics team that currently sits atop the Eastern Conference with an 8-1 record. Washington, on the other hand, has lost two in a row to fall to 2-6.

Their rosters have changed quite a bit over the past few seasons, but the Wizards and Celtics have built a rivalry that surely will still be felt among the fans.

With Isaiah Thomas also making his return to Boston as a starter, there is plenty of game action to pay attention to. Take your Wizards experience to the next level and get involved in the action with NBC Sports Washington's new Predict the Game contest.


What is this broadcast? Predict the Game is an easy-to-enter, free contest that allows fans to predict various game and player performance outcomes through a series of approximately 12-15 questions per quarter that will appear on-screen during the alternate telecast on NBC Sports Washington Plus. Predict the Game leaderboards will be displayed at select times, and the winner of each contest will be revealed throughout the game and during NBC Sports Washington’s postgame coverage.

Where can I find it? Contest questions and leaderboards will be displayed on NBC Sports Washington Plus (Channel Finder).

Additionally, the broadcast can be streamed on desktopiOS and Android devices. 

The NBC Sports Washington Plus presentation will, for the first time, feature special hosts, who will appear at various times to address Predict the Game participants and provide contest updates, information and results. The enhanced experience will contain the majority of the same video and audio (including announcers) as the primary live-game coverage, which will be available simultaneously on NBC Sports Washington.

How do I win? Fans will earn points for both answering questions (1 point) and correct predictions (1 or 2 points, depending on the question), with the top eligible scorer at the end of each game earning or splitting the $500 prize.

Each quarter will be its own contest, with an entirely new leaderboard starting from scratch, so even if fans miss out on the start of the game there will still be plenty of time to play and win. 

Fans must enter Predict the Game, which is open to join throughout the entire game, and submit their predictions at www.nbcsportswashington.com/predict.


What: Washington Wizards at Boston Celtics, 2019-20 NBA Regular Season Game 9

Where: TD Garden, Boston, Mass.

When: 7:30 p.m. ET

TV Channel: Wizards at Celtics will be broadcast on NBC Sports Washington, and the Predict The Game broadcast will be on NBC Sports Washington Plus (NBC Sports Channel Finder)

Live Stream: You can live stream Wizards at Celtics on NBC Sports Washington's live stream page and on the NBC Sports App.

Radio: Wizards Radio Network, 1500 AM


6:30 PM: Wizards Outsiders
7:00 PM: Wizards Pregame Live
7:30 PM: Wizards at Celtics (Regular broadcast on NBC Sports Washington, Predict the Game broadcast on NBC Sports Washington Plus)
10:00 PM: Wizards Postgame Live
11:00 PM: Wizards Talk


November 6:  at Indiana (7 p.m.)

November 13: at Boston (7:30 p.m.)

November 22: vs Charlotte (7 p.m.)

December 5: vs Philadelphia (7 p.m.)

December 10: at Charlotte (7 p.m.)

December 18: vs Chicago (7 p.m.)

December 26: at Detroit (7 p.m.)

January 1: vs Orlando (6 p.m.)

January 6: vs Boston (7 p.m.)

January 20: vs Detroit (2 p.m.)

January 26: at Atlanta (6 p.m.)

February 3: vs Golden State (7 p.m.)

February 11: vs Chicago (7 p.m.)

February 21: vs Cleveland (7 p.m.)

February 26: vs Brooklyn (7 p.m.)

March 3: at Sacramento (10 p.m.)

March 10: vs New York (7 p.m.)

March 18: at Brooklyn (7:30 p.m.)

March 15: vs Phoenix (7 p.m.)

April 1: vs New Orleans (7 p.m.)


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'Please don't flop': Isaiah Thomas' plea to Marcus Smart before Wizards-Celtics matchup

'Please don't flop': Isaiah Thomas' plea to Marcus Smart before Wizards-Celtics matchup

For the second time this week, Isaiah Thomas wants to make it clear that Boston's Marcus Smart flops.

"Please don't flop tomorrow," Thomas told the Celtics' point guard at Smart's Bowling Bash on Tuesday, a benefit for his YounGameChanger foundation. "I know all of your moves, I just started playing and I'm not trying to get into foul trouble."

Thomas told reporters "he flops" at the beginning of the week when asked whether he had any advice for his current Wizards teammates regarding his former team.  

The Wizards' point guard is returning to Boston for the first time as a starter, though there are only two players -- Smart and Jaylen Brown -- who have been with the Celtics since Thomas' 2014-17 run with the team.

So, while Thomas may not provide Washington with a ton of insight into Boston's team, at least the Wizards know one thing: Marcus Smart "flops."