BROOKLYN -- A bad reputation with NBA officials can hurt a player even though it's not spelled out to them in those exact words. John Wall has made a conscious effort to bite his tongue despite having ample opportunity for an outburst in Wednesday's win over the Brooklyn Nets. 

A 10th technical foul -- and subsequent $3,000 fine -- was there for Wall after he was ruled having stepped out of bounds with 6.1 seconds left and the Wizards ahead 113-110 in overtime.

He could be seen and heard loudly protesting a no-call on the baseline, after the inbound pass was thrown to Wall in the backcourt, and Bojan Bogdanovic went to commit a take foul. Bogdanovic got a piece of Wall but his swipe mostly missed. Instead of blowing the whistle on the attempted take foul, official Sean Wright let them play on and awarded the ball to Brooklyn. 

He gave Wall a hand gesture to cool it. Wall had to let it go, too. 

Bogdanovic missed what would've been the tying shot and Wall was able to make it a two-possession game with a free throw on the next possession to close out a difficult 114-110 victory.

"I'm trying not to say anything because the refs say I talk too bad to them," Wall said. "I just try to keep my  mouth shut." 

His coach, Scott Brooks, did the honors with his second technical foul in a row. His came at 7:34 of the fourth quarter.


Later, former Wizards forward Trevor Booker got away with a shove of Otto Porter with 18.3 seconds left in overtime. That caused Porter to crash into Randy Foye of the Nets as he also went for the ball. The no-call allowed Porter to get the rebound and pass it out to Bradley Beal who was fouled and made two free throws.

That no-call worked into the Wizards' favor. 

"It's just about soemtimes it's not going to go your way if you keep complaining," said Wall, who went without a foul shot in the first half despite attacking mismatches against Brook Lopez and Bojan Bogdanovic on switches. "I've gotten so many technicals, nothing has changed, why just keep giving up money?"

Wall's college teammate and good friend DeMarcus Cousins hasn't been too concerned about it. The All-Star break isn't even here yet and the center for the Sacramento Kings picked of 16 for an automatic one-game suspension. 

Wall had 12 techs last season. He has paid $19,000 in fines for technicals alone. He also was fined $15,000 for a postgame altercation in Boston and $25,000 following an altercation with a game official. He has been ejected twice which is $2,000 each. That's approximately $63,000 in penalties. 

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