BOSTON -- Just 12 free throws after an intense, physical loss to the Boston Celtics finally drew the ire of Wizards coach Scott Brooks. His point guard is ailing, his shooting guard was taken to the floor but was assessed a technical instead of Marcus Smart, and they lost 117-108.

"The game turned when they put their hands on us and we allowed that," Brooks said. "It's not our job to keep them from putting their hands on (us). We need to get some calls. We don't get to the free-throw line. That's just the way it is. I'm not complaining about it. That's not the way basketball is supposed to be played. You're supposed to play it in a way that's supposed to be free-flowing. That wasn't the case in that second half."

The league office will have its hands full in sorting out the mess that happened after the final buzzer between Jae Crowder and John Wall. There also could be a review of Brooks' comments regarding the officiating crew of Mike Callahan, Tony Brothers and Leon Wood as these were the most stern comments he has made about the subject in his first season with the Wizards. 

It's not that the Celtics were given more free throws than they deserved. There just weren't a lot of whistles, which can be a good or bad thing pending perspective. Boston only was whistled six times in the second half which led to five free throws. Washington was hit with five second-half fouls that produced six foul shots the other way.


For the game, the Celtics were only called for 10 total fouls -- four by Marcus Smart. The Wizards had 13, with Bradley Beal getting four of them. He was assessed a techical at 8:51 of the third quarter when Smart grabbed him and both players ended up on the floor.

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