Morris not cool with 'Phoenix Outlaws' nickname, but Wall has an idea


With how well Marcin Gortat and Markieff Morris have been playing for the Wizards, it may be time for them to get a nickname. But the one Gortat threw out there on Friday night after the Wizards beat the Pacers is not something his frontcourt partner can get behind.

Here is what Gortat told CSN's Chris Miller following the win:

"We are Phoenix outlaws, me and Keef." 

'Phoenix Outlaws,' huh? Not bad. Unfortunately, though, Morris has no interest in referring to Phoenix anymore. He was traded from the Suns last February and only after the front office dealt his twin brother, Marcus, to Detroit. Markieff had taken less money to re-sign with the Suns with the understanding he and his brother would continue playing together.

So, when 'Phoenix Outlaws' were brought up, Morris shot it down.

"We ain't keeping that name. We're moving on," Morris said. "[Gortat] said it about three times. I ain't rolling with it. I don't want to give Phoenix no credit. We can move on. I'll figure out a better name than that."

Morris went on to joke about how the Wizards' crowd was better than the Suns'. 

"When I was in Phoenix, the crowd was horrible," he said.

Morris may not be interested in the name, but Gortat had good intentions. After the game he spoke about why he loves playing with Morris.


"I see a guy with incredible talent and incredible work ethic. He's a great teammate, a guy who was called at one time a team cancer. I would love to have a team cancer like that any day. He came here and he's taking us to the playoffs right now," Gortat said.

Still, a nickname might be worthy, and John Wall has a suggestion:

"Nah, they're the Wizards Outlaws. They used to be teammates in Phoenix, but now they're the Wizards Outlaws."

We'll see if it sticks.

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