Nobody for the Boston Celtics wanted to own the all-black "funeral game" attire that they wore to Game 6 at Verizon Center, and while it motivated John Wall to fight through a miserable start it was Markieff Morris found time to ridicule it.

"They just trying to be like us. They want to be us so bad," Morris said after Wall's three-pointer gave Washington a 92-91 victory to force Game 7 Monday. "There's only one Death Row D.C. They can't do it like we can do it."

Isaiah Thomas and Kelly Olynyk walked in together wearing it almost four months after the Wizards donned it in a regular-season game in response to a postgame altercation they'd had a few weeks earlier. 

The Wizards, however, won their "funeral game"123-108. 

Wall, who began 1-for-12 shooting, came through with 23 of his 26 points in the second half for the comeback. The Wizards trailed 87-82 in the final 1:34 before closing with a 10-4 run. Wall and Bradley Beal had threes.

"It was just funny to me," Wall said of the Celtics' all-black. "Talking to family, friends they get to see what's happening on social media. I try to stay off it ... We knew they (were) kind of copy cat what we did. It was on my mind throughout the game that I didn't want them to come here with all black and call it a funeral at (my) home. We made some plays. The ball went our way at the end. We get to force a Game 7 at their place."


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