NBA determines multiple errors made at end of Wizards-Blazers


The conclusion that Markieff Morris was out of bounds and that his game-winning shot shouldn't have counted already had been determined when crew chief Rodney Mott admitted as much after Saturday's game.

Mott talked to a pool reporter, a designated person who covers the home team, upon request by NBA rule.

The controversial ending made it a requirement that the crew chief make himself available. Mott said when the game officials looked at the play again last night, it was clear that Morris' foot was out. 

But under NBA rule, "it's not a trigger" which means not reviewable and can't be overturned. Sunday, the league released it's last two-minute report for the fourth quarter and overtime of the Wizards' 125-124 victory to confirm that judgment.

But there were other botched or missed calls, according to the NBA, to end the game and the Blazers benefitted, too:

-- With 37.4 seconds left in the fourth, Jusuf Nurkic "is in the paint without actively guarding an opponent for longer than three seconds." That means it should've been a technical foul and an automatic free throw for the Wizards, who were leading 112-110 at the time. Bradley Beal would miss a three-point attempt and the Blazers would regain possession intstead. Incorrect no-call. 

-- At 1:13 of the overtime period, Nurkic double-dtribbled with Portland down 121-120. Instead, Damian Lillard drives and makes a floater to give Portland a 122-121 lead.


-- At 47.7 seconds, Beal trips C.J. McCollum after he missed a jump shot and fell down. 

--At 35.7 seconds, Otto Porter inbounds the ball that leads to Beal getting fouled on a three-point attempt. Beal would go to the line to make 2 of 3 foul shots to cut the deficit to 124-123 but it took Porter longer than five seconds to get rid of the ball. It was determined to only be detectable by stopwatch, however.