The Wizards are playing well, like, really well. Since Dec. 1 they have the best record in the East and they currently place fifth in the conference at 27-20.

That's fifth, as in there are four teams ahead of them in the Eastern Conference. But despite that fact, many national outlets think the Wizards are even better than their record says they are.

CBSsports.com, for instance, has the Wizards third among all teams, behind only the Warriors and Spurs. One ESPN ranking has them fourth and another has them fifth. That's three opinions from major national outlets that say the Wizards are among the best teams in all of basketball.

These are, of course, opinions and power rankings are generally subject to recent trends. The Wizards are hot, so people are adjusting their power rankings accordingly. Still, given where the Wizards were just a few short months ago when they began the season 2-8, to now where they are showing up this high on power rankings list, is quite amazing.

D.C.'s CBS affiliate 106.7 The Fan has a detailed rundown of the rankings that you can find here. Are the Wizards really one of the top three or four teams, or is that getting the cart before the horse? Either way, the Wizards are a team nobody wants to mess with right now.


[Via 106.7 The Fan]

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