Scott Brooks reiterated Wednesday, following a stunning loss in Game 2 at the Boston Celtics, that he was unhappy with three two three-point shots the Wizards allowed to erase a six-point lead in the final two minutes.

"We're up six points with like 2:30 to go," said Brooks, who gave his team the day off before Game 3 at Verizon Center on Thursday. "We gave up some threes that we probabaly we wish we could get back."

Except later in the day, the NBA released its last two-minute report of the fourth quarter, which including all five minutes of the overtime period in a 129-119 loss for Washington, that said Terry Rozier's corner shot to knot the score at 110 with 1:38 should've been disallowed.

The reason: Five seconds before Rozier's shot went through the nets, Isaiah Thomas, who got the assist on the pass, moved his pivot foot on his drive and kick out.

Then with the Wizards trailing 120-117 in overtime and 1:51 left, Avery Bradley slid his pivot foot before making a pass before Thomas' bucket to extend it to a two-possession game. 

The only call that went unpenalized for the Wizards, according to the report, came with 1:30 left in regulation when Markieff Morris pushed off on Bradley on a screen. He missed the shot in the paint as he rolled so it didn't result in points. 

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