NBA trade deadline: Wizards taking aggressive approach, willing to risk 'rental' to upgrade


The Wizards are looking for scoring to add to the bench and a defender, and they're willing to risk to swap a pick for a rental for the last 27 games of the season if it's the right player to make them strong contenders in the East, league sources tell CSNmidatlantic.com on Wednesday.

The trade deadline closes Thursday at 3 p.m. ET and there are a lot of possibilities in play. As it draws near, more activity will happen around the league and the picture will grow clearer exactly what the move will be for Washington (34-21) but they are being aggressive as buyers.

At this stage, it's difficult to find a two-way player without giving up assets that don't include picks and a rotation player. 

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If a player has an expiring contract and an unrestricted free agent this summer, he could be free to leave without compensation. Last season, the Wizards wouldn't part with a first-round pick for Ryan Anderson for that reason but did for Markieff Morris who is under contract through 2019.

This year is different. Coming out of the All-Star break, the Wizards find themselves in third place in the East with a chance to leapfrog the No. 2 Boston Celtics and challenge the No. 1 Cleveland Cavaliers who are vulnerable without Kevin Love for six weeks and J.R. Smith still not back in the lineup.


The Wizards have a first- and second-round pick in the June draft.

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