Paul Millsap on Wizards taking 2-0 lead on Hawks: 'It's 0-0 to us'


The Wizards took a 2-0 lead on the Hawks on Wednesday night, putting the Hawks in a tough spot as they head back to Atlanta for Game 3. All-Star forward Paul Millsap, however, prefers to look at the bright side.

Millsap was quick to point out that all the Wizards did, technically, was hold homecourt. For the Hawks to win the series they, technically, only have to win their three games at home and then steal one of the remaining two in Washington.

That is technically correct, so Millsap is holding on to it.

"I think they got home court advantage, they played off of that but to us I mean it’s 0-0 to us. We're going back to Atlanta. We feel like we're still confident so to us, it's 0-0," he said.

Millsap has done this sort of thing in the past. Two years ago, after the Wizards beat the Hawks in Game 1 of their playoff series, Millsap said that "internally" he felt like the Hawks won.

Athletes use all sorts of things to motivate them. Millsap is just more honest about it.

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