John Wall and Dennis Schroder have had some intense battles over the years and some beef, as well. Currently, they are locked in a competitive playoff series that saw Wall dunk on Schroder, then stare him down.

Schroder, though, has at times been very complimentary of Wall over the years and, according to reporters in Atlanta, Schroder would like to train with Wall in the offseason. It is relatively common for players on different teams to work out together over the summer and it sounds like Schroder would like to have that type of relationship with the Wizards All-Star.

Check these tweets from media covering the Hawks:

It is unclear how serious Schroder is about working out with Wall, or if Wall is interested in working out with Schroder. Just this series, though, they have had some run-ins:

Will it all be water under the bridge once the series is over? Schroder seems to hope that is the case.

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