Scott Brooks on idea he could recruit Kevin Durant to Wizards: 'It wasn't a package deal'


Kevin Durant coming to town with his Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night [6:30 p.m. on CSN] has a lot of people revisiting the good old days of the KD-to-DC movement and how for years his upcoming free agency was monitored closely by Wizards fans hoping he would return home to play in D.C. He ended up signing with the Warriors, but this week looked back on that decision and why he chose to sign elsewhere.

On Monday, Wizards guard Bradley Beal recalled those times and so did head coach Scott Brooks. Brooks coached Durant for seven years in Oklahoma City and once he was hired to be the head coach of the Wizards in April, many connected the dots between him and D.C.'s favorite son.

Brooks, though, said that connection was way overblown.

"No," Brooks said when asked if he thought he was going to bring Durant to the Wizards. "The thing that I loved about the interview process with [team president] Ernie [Grunfeld] was that was never mentioned. Obviously, I have a relationship with him and he was about to be a free agent, but I wasn't hired [for that]. It wasn't a package deal. We never talked about it. After I got hired, obviously he was a target for every team that had the finances to take him on. I have a great relationship with him and a lot of respect for his family. We had a lot of great years."


Brooks and Durant were on the same team for so many years and on Tuesday they will square off as opponents for the first time. For Brooks' thoughts on that dynamic, click here.

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