Jarell Eddie doesn't exactly have the highest name recognition on the Wizards roster. After all, he spent the beginning of last season bouncing around the D-league until the Wizards signed him on December 23. 

But somehow, the Virginia Tech product still has a social media impersonator. And he's not happy about it. 

The real Eddie, who has 2,799 followers, chose @J_Ed31 as his Twitter handle. That left the more obvious @JarellEddie open for the taking. 

And it's not as if that account is simply another person named Jarell Eddie. The imposter has used Eddie's photos as the avatar and banner image, plus claimed to be the Wizards small forward in the bio section. It also appears this person has created a fake Instagram account under the username jarelleddie, as well. 

The fake has 574 followers on Twitter and 48 on Instagram to show for it. Don't be one of them. 

Eddie may not be the likeliest choice of Wizards to impersonate, but then again, a lot of the others are already taken. 

At 6-foot-7 and 218 pounds, he was signed from the D-league because of his 3-point shooting and length. He appeared in 26 games for the Washington last season, averaging 2.4 points and 0.9 rebounds per outing while shooting 31.9 percent from beyond the arc. 

Eddie's contract is non-guaranteed for 2016, giving the team until July 15 to decide whether to keep him.