Steve Kerr reportedly apologized to Scott Brooks after JaVale McGee's late-game 3 attempt


Brandon Jennings picked up a flagrant foul 1 after shoving JaVale McGee on a 3-point shot in the final moments of the Wizards' loss to the Warriors. At that point, Golden State was already leading by 22 points, so Jennings took offense to a perceived attempt to run up the score. 

The Wizards guard wasn't the only one who felt that way, either. 

According to NBC Bay Area's Warriors Insider Monte Poole, Golden State coach Steve Kerr apologized to Scott Brooks after the game. 

McGee 3-point attempt was the icing on the cake after the Warriors left starters Stephen Curry and Draymond Green (who capped a triple-double) in the game long after the result was sealed.

But McGee has a special history with Washington, where he played for four seasons and became a regular subject on NBA blooper reels. 

After the game, John Wall and Brandon Jennings both said they wouldn't stand for opposing teams trying to run up the score. 

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