At Friday's Wizards practice backup guard Brandon Jennings practically boasted that he baited Celtics guard Terry Rozier into several fouls and, ultimately, an ejection in Game 4. He called it a "vet move," said he "won" and accomplished just what he set out to do: rattle Rozier and get inside his head.

On Saturday, somewhat surprisingly, Rozier agreed almost entirely with that sentiment. Rozier said that Jennings did, in fact, throw him off his game and did so on purpose.

"That's what he tried to do and it worked," Rozier said. "I've just gotta do a better job of playing my game and worrying about the Celtics and playing Celtics basketball. I can't get caught up in individual games with him."

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Rozier went on to explain how the game situation probably played into him engaging with Jennings, who has spoken openly about talking trash and playing physical, particularly with younger players like Rozier, who is 23.

"The way the game was going, we were down by a lot. So I got caught up in that," Rozier said. "If it was a close game, I wouldn't have went down that road with him. He pulled a vet move and it worked. He got under my skin, or whatever you want to call it. I'm not going to feed into that."


Now the question becomes whether that will continue. Jennings is likely to try Rozier and other players again. Rozier, for one, plans to keep his cool next time.

Rozier insists he's not focused on Jennings one bit.

"I'm not worried about him at all. He's not a factor. I don't go home, lay down and think about him before I go to sleep. I don't think about him when I'm not on the basketball court. He's not a factor. I'm not worried about him," he said.

Just like Paul Millsap and Al Horford, who in the 2017 playoffs have made a point to not let Markieff Morris get inside their head, Rozier is now attempting the same with Jennings.

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