Former Knicks forward Charles Oakley's return to Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night did not go like the usual return of an ex-player to their old stomping grounds. No, Oakley took it back to his playing days and got in a fight that was caught on camera by ESPN.

The former player known for physical play and confrontations was taken away by multiple security guards after arguing with and shoving several men. The whole thing played out in front of the crowd at MSG, who booed as he was taken away.

Watch the entire sequence here:

Here's how it appeared on ESPN:

Here's another look, including Phil Jackson looking over:

And here's one more that shows Oakley on the ground after he was removed by security:


That's some unreal footage right there, but given it's Oakley, perhaps it's not all that surprising.


The Knicks released a statement shortly after everything went down and the team said they hope Oakley can get some help:

UPDATE: A new report from ABC in New York says that Oakley will be charged with assault:

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