VIDEO: DNC chair Tom Perez makes Wizards joke about Donald Trump following address to Congress


The Nationals have firmly established themselves as a favorite team among political figures in D.C. with even bitter foes Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell taking the same side in the Bryce Harper vs. Jonathan Papelbon fiasco of 2015. Well, the Wizards may not be far behind.

First, Chuck Todd mentioned the Wizards on Meet the Press. Now it's Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez who dropped the Wizards in his response to Donald Trump's first address to the U.S. Congress.

Perez used the Wizards as part of a joke about Trump on Tuesday night referring to Trump's tendency to take credit for stuff he didn't take part in.

"Taking credit for all of these things that you had nothing to do with," Perez began. "Well folks, since January 20th the Washington Wizards have one of the best records in the NBA including they beat the Golden State Warriors tonight. It must have been Trump."

You can see the interview right here. He gets to the Wizards around the :20 second mark:

Perhaps the Wizards can start bringing people from both sides together and solve all the corrosive partisanship in Washington. Or, maybe not.


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