Most gratifying technical foul of the Wizards' season? Marcin Gortat got T-ed up for making his signature Polish Hammer gesture at Paul Millsap after dunking on his face. 

It was the best. 

As you can see, Gortat muscled up over Millsap for a one-handed dunk – complete with little shove and vicious mean-mug. The hammer afterward was just gratuitous.

The refs seemed to frown on that little sequence, calling a tech. Dennis Schroder sank the free throw on the other end, but Washington was unphased. 

The Wizards finished off the Hawks 114-107 to take Game 1 of the series. 

ortat finished the game with 14 points and 10 rebounds, but also found success guarding Hawks center Dwight Howard, limiting him to 7 points on the night. 

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