Watch Wall's interview with CSN's J.P. Finlay in the video player above, which will begin momentarily.

Twitter lights up when John Wall takes the floor for the Wizards, mostly to rave about his play. But even when he's not wearing red, white, and blue, you'll see the All-Star point guard popping up in your Twitter feed in meme form.

That's because a moment of distress and discontent from a few years back became an Internet sensation to express a universal feeling of loathing at various moments of inconvenience. 

It is summed up in one word, paired with the photo: "Bruh."


CSN's J.P. Finlay asked Wall about the photo during a sitdown interview last week. 

"That was I had the stress fractures and I was on the bench," Wall said. "I think we started like 5-29. It was one of those games in Atlanta. I remember that's Atlanta.

"It's funny. You know it's an emoji on the iPhone? It's an emoji ... that's an emoji. I'm famous. I got an emoji just going like [tilts head back] 'bruh.' They call it 'bruh.' They be like, 'Bruhhhhhh.' That's what they say."

Finlay followed up and said that players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant don't have emojis, but Wall contended that they do.

"But mine is the coldest," he quipped. "You know when, like, somebody texts you and you be texting them back and they call you?


"That's when you be like, 'Bruh, I didn't say call me.'"

So start working that into your Twitter game going forward, folks.