Bradley Beal left the court during the first quarter of Sunday's game against the Orlando Magic after rolling his left ankle on the shoe of Terrence Ross, who was guarding him on an outside shot.

Beal stepped on Ross' shoe and immediately fell in a heap on the court. A closer look at the replay showed Ross closing in on Beal after he shot the ball, getting his foot under Beal and holding it there while Beal landed.

Some on Twitter argued it was a dirty play.

Watch it and judge for yourself:

Fortunately, Beal was not seriously hurt. And after the game Beal held no ill will towards Ross:

"He apologized at halftime. Me and Ross are cool, so it was just his recovery out of a stepback. I created some good space and it's just a natural reaction to jump out towards the shooter. It wasn't intentional, but his foot was up under mine."

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