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Wizards' Bojan Bogdanovic outlines his priorities for NBA free agency this summer

Wizards' Bojan Bogdanovic outlines his priorities for NBA free agency this summer

While Otto Porter said on Tuesday he hadn't thought much at all about free agency or his priorities for his next contract, his Wizards teammate Bojan Bogdanovic has nailed down some specifics. Like Porter, Bogdanovic is a restricted free agent, meaning the Wizards can retain his rights. If they don't, Bogdanovic knows exactly what he will be looking for on the open market.

"I want to try to find a team where I can play heavy minutes," he said. "I hope that I will play here maybe, but we will see. It's a long summer in front of us before free agency. We'll see."

If the Wizards re-sign Porter, who could command a large contract as an improving young player and former third overall pick, the Wizards may not have a lot of minutes to go around for Bogdanovic, much less money to spend. Washington made it work with three small forwards in Porter, Bogdanovic and Kelly Oubre, Jr. in the 2016-17 season, but Oubre's role will likely increase next season.

Bogdanovic thinks the Wizards could still be a fit in that regard.

"There is enough minutes for sure in the playoffs and especially during the regular season. I think there is space and plenty of minutes for three guys," he said.

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Another goal of Bogdanovic's this summer is to either stay with point guard John Wall or find somebody like him. Bogdanovic shot 44.1 percent from the field and 36.6 percent from three in three years with the Brooklyn Nets before the Wizards traded for him at the deadline in February. With the Wizards, he shot 45.7 percent from the field and 39.1 percent from three.

Wall, who is an elite passer and often found Bogdanovic trailing on the fastbreak, is a big reason for that.

"I had a great chance, a lot of minutes with John," Bogdanovic, who averaged 12.7 points for the Wizards, said. "I hope if I don't stay here I can go somewhere with that kind of player."

Bogdanovic saw his shooting percentages fall to 41.4 percent from the field and 35.6 percent from three in the playoffs. He dealt with inconsistent minutes and he battled the flu during the Wizards' second round series vs. Boston. He was also limited by the Celtics' defense: "there weren't any open threes."

But Bogdanovic could still fit into the Wizards future plans, depending on what they decide to to with Porter. For now, Bogdanovic will prepare for the 2017 European Championship where he will play this summer with Croatia.

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DeMatha alum and Pacers star Victor Oladipo stretchered off with scary leg injury

USA Today Sports

DeMatha alum and Pacers star Victor Oladipo stretchered off with scary leg injury

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- The Indiana Pacers lost All-Star guard Victor Oladipo with an apparent right leg injury in the second quarter of Wednesday night's game against Toronto.

Trainers quickly put a towel over the leg and players from both teams surrounded Oladipo as he lay on the floor. Fans gave him a standing ovation as he was carted off the floor on a stretcher.

The injury occurred when Oladipo fell awkwardly while trying to defend an outlet pass to Raptors forward Serge Ibaka, who landed on top of Oladipo with 4:05 to go.

Oladipo made his first All-Star Game last season after being acquired in the trade for Paul George. He is the Pacers' top scorer this season at 19.2 points per game.

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Bradley Beal doesn't care if he's named a 2019 NBA All-Star starter

Bradley Beal doesn't care if he's named a 2019 NBA All-Star starter

The 2019 NBA All-Star starters are set to be announced on Thursday and Wizards guard Bradley Beal is not optimistic he will be chosen. That is despite a growing number of supporters in the media, but Beal understands their votes only count for 25 percent of the equation.

Fan voting makes up 50 percent and NBA players the remaining 25 percent. With Beal in a distant 10th among Eastern Conference guards in the fan voting rounds that have been made public, he has set his expectations accordingly.

"I'm not going to be a starter so it doesn't matter," he quipped after Wizards practice on Wednesday. "I'm positive. Let's just be honest. Right? We all can be honest, right?"

Beal, who made his first All-Star team last season as a reserve, will almost certainly be an All-Star again this year one way or another. Coaches vote on reserves and those will be announced on Jan. 31.

But Beal has a solid case to be a starter despite his Wizards sitting at just 20-26 and outside of the playoff picture. He is posting career-highs in points (24.7), rebounds (5.0), assists (5.0), steals (1.3) and blocks (0.9). He has appeared in all 46 of the Wizards games this season while many of his teammates have been absent due to injury.

Boston's Kyrie Irving appears to be a lock for one of the two starting guard spots in the East. He has a strong case with his numbers, his team's success and has fared well in fan voting. But the second spot has no clear favorite.

Ben Simmons has played well for a good Sixers team. Victor Oladipo of the Pacers also has a case, though due to injuries his numbers have fallen off.

Kyle Lowry has helped the Raptors post one of the league's best records. Kemba Walker of the Hornets has had the best season of his career and plays for the hometown team with the game taking place in Charlotte.

There is also Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat, a future Hall of Famer who might be a starter if it were based solely on fan voting. If he gets support from players or media votes, he could get in as a legacy pick given this is the final season of his legendary career.

Basically, Beal has a lot of competition. He gets it and insists he isn't losing sleep over the pending announcement.

"Even then I don't let it consume me. It's not like a goal of mine like 'oh, I've gotta be an All-Star.' If I am, it's great. It's even more motivation to continue to get better. Even if I'm not an All-Star, I'm not going to be mad or upset," he said.

Beal said his No. 1 goal is winning and mentioned how the Wizards remain six games under .500 despite reeling off seven of their last 10. Washington happens to be hosting the defending-champion Golden State Warriors on Thursday night, so he has plenty on his plate.

Beal will likely be an All-Star representing the Wizards in the Feb. 17 showcase. But it doesn't sound like he will be doing any of the other festivities.

Beal has participated in the three-point contest twice in his career and both times was a runner-up. He has not been invited yet to this year's contest and probably won't participate even if he is asked.

"I would probably take a break this year because it was definitely a lot last year, just all the off-court stuff," he said. "I'm not saying I won't do it for the rest of my career, but I don't think I'm doing it this year."