Like Wizards, LeBron also reportedly annoyed with Giannis


After the Wizards beat the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday night, John Wall noted how his team may have had some extra motivation stemming from the previous meeting between the teams on Friday. Wizards players thought the Bucks violated the unwritten rules of basketball by allowing Giannis Antetokounmpo to remain on the court late in the Bucks' blowout win, apparently just to chase a career-high in scoring and pad his stats.

Wall said this:

“We felt like they whooped us badly but also you’re just up 20 or 30 points, keeping your star player in trying to get his numbers we kind of didn’t like that. We took that personal. We didn’t have (anything) written on the board. We didn’t say too much. It was a lot more chippy, a lot more trash-talking than it was in the past. As long as we got the win, we’re fine."

Well, it turns out Wall isn't the only player Giannis has irked recently. Add LeBron James to that list. The Cavaliers superstar was not pleased with Giannis' effort - along with Jabari Parker - for a very different reason, according to ESPN's Dave McMenamin:

"Privately, after the Bucks beat the pants off the Cavs 118-101 on Nov. 29, James was less than impressed with how Parker and Antetokounmpo clearly played at a higher level against the Cavs than they normally do. That made James wonder why Parker and Antetokounmpo don’t make that level of play their standard and become true professionals."


It sounds like Giannis is rubbing some opponents the wrong way. But, man, is he fun to watch.

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