Over three months have passed since Bleacher Report published a ranking of the top 30 power forwards in the NBA and left Markieff Morris of the Wizards off of it. Morris didn't like it then and he doesn't like it now.

On Tuesday after Wizards practice, Morris took some shots at the author of the piece.

"Whoever wrote that is an a--hole," he said. "[They] don't know anything about basketball. You've never watched any basketball in your life if you don't rank me in the top 30... I've been in the league for [six] years. All [six] years I have produced. To not be in the top 30 is disrespectful."

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Morris went on to use the word "a--hole" again to describe the author, but insists he has at least partly gotten over it.

"At the time it gave me motivation. But now we are in it together. We're just trying to get this victory," he said. "I'm just excited about the team and the chance now to get the job done in Boston now."


Morris, 27, is averaging 11.4 points and 5.7 rebounds through 10 postseason games. And, as Ben Standig notes, his +/- rating is up there with the best for the 2016-17 playoffs.

Take that for data.

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