The NBA All-Star break offers players not participating in the weekend's festivities to take care of business in their personal life. One Wizards rookie used that time to go back home to Texas and legally change his name.

Yes, the player formally known as Sheldon McClellan is now officialy Sheldon Mac. The 24-year-old returned to Houston, Texas over the past week and, with the blessing of his mother, changed his name through the court system. The paperwork process took about six months.

Mac expects to have his jersey changed at some point and he will now be referred to in print as 'Sheldon Mac.' The reason he changed it is because 'McClellan' is the name of his father, whom he has no relationship with.

Mac had thought about making the change at least since last spring when he left the University of Miami. He decided to hold off through the draft process in order to avoid confusion for scouts and prospective teams.

Mac said it shouldn't be difficult for him to get used to the new name, as all of his friends already referred to him as Mac anyways. It may take some getting used to for fans, however, given the Wizards used to have a player named Shelvin Mack.

Mac could have gone with his mother's last name, which is Johnson. But he likes Mac better.

"I just added a little swag to it."

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