No matter if they are among the worst teams in the league, and regardless if Kobe Bryant has long since retired, it's a yearly guarantee that Lakers fans will show up to road games and make their presence felt, even if that opponent is playing much better than they are as of late.

On Thursday night at the Verizon Center, hundreds - if not thousands - of fans in purple and yellow showed up (late, as they do) and made a lot of noise, particularly in the fourth quarter. They chanted 'Let's Go Lakers,' as L.A. closed the gap against the Wizards, only to be disappointed as Washington pulled away for a 116-108 victory.

Their presence was noticed by Wizards players, who took pleasure in shutting them up.

"I'm sick of that, too. That's terrible. It felt like we were on the road today. But that's for another time," Beal said. "Honestly, it's the best feeling in the world seeing all the fans in yellow leaving with two minutes left."

The second quote was said by Beal over the loudspeaker at the Verizon Center in his postgame interview with Wizards radio color analyst Glenn Consor. He looked up at the stands as he said it, then walked to the locker room.

Beal wasn't the only player who mentioned it afterwards.

"We let the Lakers fans get into it," point guard John Wall said. "I wasn't [happy with that]."

"There were a lot of Lakers fans," forward Markieff Morris said. "That's not our fans, you know? They got Lakers fans everywhere, so you can't really put it on our crowd. They were there when we needed them."


Wall had 16 points in the fourth quarter and said the Lakers fans helped inspire him to take over.

"Just hearing the crowd make big Lakers chants. That just made me mad. I did what I had to do to try to get a win for us," he said.

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Morris continued to explain how that's just par for the course in the NBA. The same thing happened when he was with the Phoenix Suns.

"It's the Lakers. They travel everywhere. It doesn't matter where they are at. You could have 30 [straight wins] at home, they still have their fans. It's just one of those things. It's been like that since I got in the league," he said.

Head coach Scott Brooks also knows that well as an 11-year veteran as a player and after 17 years as an NBA coach.

"There were some Lakers fans, but that was expected. Lakers travel well. But our crowd has been good and we complain about how we have played at home," Brooks said.

The Lakers are fifth in average road attendance with only the Cavaliers, Warriors, Thunder and Spurs ahead of them. That is despite the fact the Lakers are 17-35 on the year and feature no All-Stars.

Wall says he knows the deal.

"Our fans were still here. They were cheering," Wall said. "But the Lakers are a big-time organization that has won a lot of championships. They have a fanbase. It's kind of like the Celtics, they have one of those fanbases. They are one of those legendary teams. We understand it. We dealt with it before when Kobe was playing."

As Morris put it, don't be surprised if it happens again when they come back to Washington.

"Let the Lakers go. They will be back next year," he said.

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