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WATCH: Young Chase got to meet Chase Young and what came next was incredible

WATCH: Young Chase got to meet Chase Young and what came next was incredible

Earlier this week, Redskins fans got to know little Chase Bosonac, a 6-year-old who idolizes Chase Young. On Friday, little Chase got to meet big Chase and the response was incredible. 

The video above tells the story best, but it does need mentioning how fantastically big Chase handled the meeting with little Chase. The little guy was obviously overcome with emotion, but the new Redskins defensive star took it all in stride and promised to get little Chase to a home game this fall. 

"I’m going to keep in touch with you and your family, either the first or second home game, I’ll try to get you out to the game. That cool?" Young asked, to which the answer was an enthusiastic yes. 

Young also had fun with little Chase's parents, especially his father Brian, who is a Wisconsin graduate and a New York Giants fan. Young dominated Wisconsin last season while playing for Ohio State in a game that got little Chase to abandon his dad's Badgers and start rooting for the Buckeyes. Now, Young has made Bosonac's son a Redskins fan instead of a Giants fan. 


Realizing the incredible moment Young created for his son, Brian told the defensive end that despite holding Giants season tickets for many years, "You might turn me into a Redskin fan when this is over."

These are weird times in our country. Everyone can use a smile. Chase Young didn't have to seek out young Chase Bosonac, but seeing the unbridled enthusiasm of a young boy excited about his favorite player is a powerful thing.

Little Chase was so thrilled to meet Big Chase, but it's clear both parties enjoyed the moment. 


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Antonio Gandy-Golden thinks this catch against a Big Ten school proves the kind of WR he can be

Antonio Gandy-Golden thinks this catch against a Big Ten school proves the kind of WR he can be

Over the past few years, there have been few receivers in college football more productive than Antonio Golden-Gandy. 

But part of the reason the Redskins were able to nab the highly-effective pass-catcher in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft was due to the fact that he played his college ball at Liberty University, a non-Power Five school that just made the jump to the FBS level two seasons ago. 

As a junior during the Flames' first FBS season, Gandy-Golden turned in an incredible 71-catch, 1,037-yard campaign during 2018. That season was when the wideout realized he had the potential to play in the NFL. But there was one catch he made during his senior season that proved to himself the type of wide receiver he truly could become.

Liberty was facing Rutgers, one of three Power Five schools the team would face all season. With the game tied at 14 in the second quarter, Gandy-Golden pulled in a miraculous grab along the left sideline for a touchdown despite the defensive back draped all over him.

"I caught the one-handed ball with my left hand, something I usually don't ever do," Gandy-Golden said to local reporters on a Zoom conference Wednesday. "The DB was tugging and pulling on me, I felt like it should have gotten a flag beforehand. I just feel like [that catch] shows my focus, my determination, and it is my ability to fight through contact to catch the ball."

The Scarlet Nights edged out Gandy-Golden's Flames, but the wideout proved during that contest he could play with the talent from a major conference.

In the three games Gandy-Golden played against Power Five opponents in 2019, he finished with a total of 17 catches for 237 yards and two touchdowns.

"I definitely feel like I have a chip on my shoulder," he said. "The small school thing comes up a lot with me for some reason even though I have produced. I plan on coming into the league and playing right away, at least getting in the game and showing what I can do."


At 6-foot-4, Gandy-Golden is the second-tallest wide receiver on the roster, trailing only Cam Sims. With Sims likely on the roster bubble entering training camp, Gandy-Golden could certainly enter the 2020 season as the team's biggest pass-catcher.

Dating back to high school, one of Gandy-Golden's biggest strengths as a receiver has been using his tall frame to haul in those contested, 50-50 throws. It's something he focused on every day in college and prided himself on getting better at.

"We definitely practiced it every day in practice, just those contested catches and things like that," he said. "During the game, not every ball I'm going to be wide open. Just for the quarterback to be confident enough to throw it to me, I feel like I have to come down with it."

While many coaches and scouts were impressed by his ability to make those contested grabs, one of the knocks on the Liberty product coming out of college was his inability to create separation. His 4.60 40-yard dash time at the Combine in February also raised concerns about his speed.

The 22-year-old was asked about those concerns, and he understands everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But for himself, he's not worried about those concerns as he enters his first NFL season.

"I feel like you can watch my film, I do get past people. Of course, no one gets past everyone all the time," he said. "That's something I'll definitely be working on. I'll be out here working, so I don't feel like that will be a problem."

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Chase Young and the other seven Redskins rookies now have their NFL numbers

Chase Young and the other seven Redskins rookies now have their NFL numbers

In news that will bore some fans but really, really excite others, the Redskins announced Wednesday which jersey numbers their new rookies will begin their NFL careers with.

Here's the video from the team, which features the official digits for Chase Young and Washington's seven other first-year pros:

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Let's break it down in list form and fire off some rapid fire analysis of what each player landed:

Chase Young, No. 99 — It's the number he wanted all along. The defensive end wore 9 in high school and 2 at Ohio State, so having two 9s in the league made a lot of sense for him. Sorry, Caleb Brantley.

Antonio Gibson, No. 24 — It'll take people in the area some time to associate 24 with Gibson instead of the guy who wore it last, Josh Norman. Be sure to also take note that he's in the 20s and not the teens or 80s, confirming he'll be amongst the running backs to start off and not the receivers.

Saahdiq Charles, No. 77 — Charles keeps what he had at LSU. O-line numbers aren't exactly pleasing, but being in the 70s is better than the 60s and the double-7 is somewhat cool.

Antonio Gandy-Golden, No. 10 — 10 makes the transition from the small, skinny Paul Richardson to the huge, imposing Gandy-Golden. Once the receiver position thins out, maybe AGG can grab something a little fresher. 10 is fine but there are much flashier options out there.

Keith Ismael, No. 60 — At least it's not the 50s. That's about all you can say on this one.

Khaleke Hudson, No. 47 — Hudson wore what is unequivocally the best football number in college (7), so he was due for a downgrade in the NFL. Still, while Chris Cooley sure made 47 work, it's a less-than-ideal draw for the defender. Like going from a smartphone to the telegraph.

Kamren Curl, No. 31 — Curl getting 31 either means he'll initially share with Fabian Moreau and have to change if he makes the roster, or that Moreau will be donning something else in 2020. Stay tuned to this developing story.

James Smith-Williams, No. 72 — Ending up in the 70s for a pass rusher is rough (yes, Dexter Manley handled it well). Very rough. 72 brings to mind an offensive tackle or guard. If he makes the cut, trying to find a number in the 90s would be prudent.