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Fresh Take: The Redskins need to draft a QB

Fresh Take: The Redskins need to draft a QB

Colt McCoy was seen wearing crutches earlier this week. For our new feature, Fresh Takes, Travis Thomas explains why Redskins fans want the team to draft a quarterback

Colt McCoy is still recovering from a broken leg and was spotted rocking a cast on said leg.

Apparently, he had another "preventative" type of surgery and is expected to be ready by the start of the off season program. Despite the fact he may be ready to go when it counts and the Case Keenum signing, McCoy's storied history of injuries worries me.

I believe the Redskins NEED to draft a QB at #15 overall in the first round of next months draft.

Out of the top 20 statistical leaders at the position, 10 of them made the playoffs. Obviously some of the biggest names in the sport at QB had down years and missed the playoff boat: Rodgers, Big Ben and Matt Ryan. That tells you everything you need to know about the NFL. You MUST have a franchise QB to stand a chance in this league.

Think about the future of the NFC East.

Dak in Dallas, Wentz in Philly and we all suspect the Giants will take their QB of the future in this draft.

I believe the Redskins should do the same. We've seen attendance decline with this franchise and we've heard the fans complaining about the product on the field. What better way to inject some energy into this perturbed fan base than with a young QB with a bright future and personality to match?

Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins won't be there at #15 but I'll take any one of these other prospects at the position. Drew Lock from Mizzou, Daniel Jones from Duke or Will Grier from West Virginia. All of them feel like worth a first round pick to me.

It's time for the Redskins to get the shot of energy in the arm they desperately need and it starts with the QB1. 


Fresh Takes: So this is why they call it March Madness

Fresh Takes: So this is why they call it March Madness

The NCAA tournament kicks off in full on Thursday. For our new feature, Fresh Takes, Travis Thomas reveals his Final Four - and why this could be worthless or the most useful advice.

Every year I sit and stare at my bracket with a blank stare. I can never understand why I have such a brain fart when it comes to filling this piece of paper out.

I watch college hoops religiously, I bet games, I can rattle off projected lottery picks stats like nobody’s business.  

Yet, when it comes to filling out my bracket, the initial response in my head is always crickets. I think of every possible cinderella scenario, I think of great coaches, I think of the blue blood programs and traditions, I think of revisionist history and most of all, I think of having a perfect bracket. Usually by the time the dust settles and my ink dries, I’m always left with a 50/50 fallout.

Either I have a great bracket that elevates me to legendary status in my office pool or my prognostications are a complete and utter disaster zone.

Here's my Final Four:

Michigan State: Tom Izzo is the only mad scientist this side of Duke who can cook up a defensive game plan to naturalize Thanos AKA Zion Williamson.

Texas Tech: They are one of the best defensive teams in the nation. To beat the likes of Michigan and Gonzaga, you better be able to stop somebody. 

Tennessee: I don’t trust UVA’s slow pace and defensive style in this type of tournament format. Tennessee is the only team in this region that can push the pace and score enough to outclass and outlast Virginia.

UNC: This is the team I’m picking to win it all. They have star power, a great Coach and they’ve beat Duke twice.  

But will I win it all? Should you even listen to the predictions of me or any other person who is given access to a platform like this? No idea. I guess that’s why that call it March Madness after all. 

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Fresh Take: Even if Tampa wins on Wednesday, the Caps are still the champions

Fresh Take: Even if Tampa wins on Wednesday, the Caps are still the champions

The Capitals face the Lightning on Wednesday night. For our new feature, Fresh Takes, Travis Thomas explains why he's not concerned about if the Caps take this one or not.

For years I had to listen to Penguins fans tell me that the Capitals would never beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs when it counted most.

There was nothing more I wanted in the world than to shut those fans up. But time after time, it happened and they ended up being right. I find myself in the same position now as a Caps fan when it pertains to the Tampa Bay Lightning.

I get it, they are leading the league in points by a country mile. They have already wrapped up the President 's Trophy. Nikita Kucherov could literally stop playing right now and still win the Hart Trophy.

Last weekend, the Lightning outclassed the Caps 6-3 in an impressive win. Despite all of this, I still believe the Lightning will crumble when it matters most because that’s what they always do.

Or at least in important recent Caps history they have.

Let’s remember: The Lightning were the top dogs in the East last season as well and the Capitals beat them in an electrifying seven-game series. 

I’ll never forget the dominance on display in Tampa for Game Seven where Washington skunked them 4-0.

So go ahead Tampa, maybe you win again tonight. Heck, maybe you win in Tampa next weekend against the Caps as well.

Just remember, when it counts, that’s when Champions always rise up. We’ll see you in May again, I’m sure of it.