Steph Curry joining list of athletes who have hosted ESPYS

Steph Curry with trophies
Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry is hosting the 29th edition of the sports award show.
USA Today

Steph Curry has a very busy night ahead of him on Wednesday.

Not only is Curry up for several ESPYS, from Best Male Athlete to Best NBA Player and Best Record-Breaking Performance, but the Golden State Warriors’ superstar is also hosting the 29th edition of the sports award show.

Just over a month after capturing his first NBA Finals MVP and fourth championship, Curry will be back under the spotlight as the host of the 2022 ESPYS at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

Before Curry takes the stage for his opening monologue, here’s a look at the group of all-time ESPYS hosts he’ll be joining.


Which athletes have hosted the ESPYS?

Curry will become the ninth athlete to host the ESPYS. Lance Armstrong was the first to do so, hosting the 14th edition of the award show in 2006. LeBron James then co-hosted with comedian Jimmy Kimmel the following year.

John Cena, Peyton Manning and Danica Patrick got the ESPYS hosting gig in consecutive years from 2016-18, respectively. Curry actually said he reached out to Manning, along with former host Drake, for advice ahead of Wednesday.

The 2020 ESPYS were the most recent one with an athlete running the show, as Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe and Russell Wilson co-hosted the virtual event. That was just the second time the ESPYS had more than one host and the first since the James-Kimmel duo.

Which athletes have hosted the ESPYS while still active?

Among the eight athletes who have previously taken over the hosting duties, five of them were still playing their respective sport at the time: James, Cena, Bird, Rapinoe and Wilson. So Curry will become the sixth active athlete to host.

Who has hosted the ESPYS the most?

If for some reason Curry wants to set the record for ESPYS host appearances, he’ll need to do it four more times to surpass actor Samuel L. Jackson. Jackson has hosted the award show four times, which is at least two more than every other previous host. He last hosted in 2009.

Dennis Miller, Jamie Foxx and Seth Meyers are the only other multi-time hosts, with two appearances apiece.

Who was the host of each ESPYS?

From actors to comedians and athletes, here’s a look at all of the ESPYS hosts:

2021: Anthony Mackie

2020: Sue Bird, Megan Rapinoe, Russell Wilson

2019: Tracy Morgan

2018: Danica Patrick


2017: Peyton Manning

2016: John Cena

2015: Joel McHale

2014: Drake

2013: Jon Hamm

2012: Rob Riggle

2011: Seth Meyers

2010: Seth Meyers

2009: Samuel L. Jackson

2008: Justin Timberlake

2007: LeBron James and Jimmy Kimmel

2006: Lance Armstrong

2005: Matthew Perry

2004: Jamie Foxx

2003: Jamie Foxx

2002: Samuel L. Jackson

2001: Samuel L. Jackson

2000: Jimmy Smits

1999: Samuel L. Jackson


1998: Norm Macdonald

1997: Jeff Foxworthy

1996: Tony Danza

1995: John Goodman

1994: Dennis Miller

1993: Dennis Miller