48 NBA players positive for COVID-19 in initial testing phase


Forty-eight of 546 NBA players were positive for COVID-19 during the league's initial return-to-market testing phase from Nov. 24-30, the NBA announced Wednesday.

Any player with a confirmed positive test will be in isolation until cleared under the NBA's guidelines.

It was anticipated that several players would test positive during this period, according to The Athletic NBA Insider Shams Charania, as many players had been away from their home markets. In June, when players returned to market following the coronavirus-forced postponement to the 2019-20 regular season, they went through a similar phase of testing before being allowed to travel to the Orlando bubble. Russell Westbrook and Nikola Jokic were among players who tested positive around that time.

The NBA did not release the names of the players who tested positive in this most recent round of testing.