On Tuesday, the NBA and the league Players Association sent a handbook to each player participating in the Orlando restart of the 2019-20 season.

The handbook detailed several factors that are vital for players to know throughout the duration of their time at the resort. Things included were what a typical day would look like, where players will eat, train and practice, as well as what they can and cannot do in order to stay as safe as possible amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After taking a look through the handbook, we at NBC Sports Washington have come up with a list of five items that players must bring to Orlando in order to ensure their stay is as enjoyable as possible.

So, let's take a look.

Item No. 1: Bathing suit/swim trunks

This item was by far the easiest to point out. For starters, can you imagine being in Florida without it?

Secondly, players are limited to what they can and can't do as far as leisure in order to follow proper social distancing. One thing they can do, however, is soak up some of that Florida sun at the resort hotels. Don't forget the sunscreen, either!

Item No. 2: Sunglasses

Nothing is worse than spending time in the sun all day with nothing to protect and cover your eyes. Sunglasses give players the chance to show off a little stylistically, too, and are much needed when outside in the Florida sun. 

No player wants to be that guy sitting poolside at Disney with no shades on.



Item No. 3: Video game console

Throughout quarantine, playing video games has been one of the easiest, and most entertaining things to do in order to pass the time. The handbook details that there will be some consoles already in Orlando for players to use, but it's certainly worth it for players to bring their own.

Upon arriving in Orlando, players will be required to self-quarantine in their hotel rooms until they have two negative coronavirus tests at least 24 hours apart. So, if anything, that video game console will get plenty of use at the beginning of each player's stay.

Item No. 4: A phone charger

A phone charger: the easiest thing to forget when traveling, yet one of the most important things needed. 

Sure, players can likely get their hands on a new charger should they forget, but that's a hassle no one wants to go through. Simply put, don't forget it.


Item No. 5: A speaker/headphones

Almost every scenario imaginable in Orlando would be better with music playing. Working out? Headphones. Sitting poolside? Speaker. Eating a meal? Either works.

Music makes almost every situation better in general, but it especially does in this case.

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