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After Sheldon Mac trade, Wizards will be players in free agent market

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After Sheldon Mac trade, Wizards will be players in free agent market

The Wizards made a minor move ahead of the 2018 NBA trade deadline on Thursday, but the deal has larger implications on what they plan to do next.

By trading Sheldon Mac to the Atlanta Hawks for a protected second round pick, as NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller reported, the Wizards shed some salary and by doing so created relief in the luxury tax.

The Wizards' roster now stands at 13 players. They plan to add a 14th player soon, NBC Sports Washington has learned, likely in the free agent buyout market which should pick up in the coming days and weeks.


Things can and will change for the Wizards financially once they add another player. For now, they have cleared approximately $2 million by jettisoning Mac. The Wizards also shipped some cash to Atlanta in the trade.

Names will continue to emerge in the free agent market but in the wake of the trade deadline several players have become available. That list includes guard Derrick Rose and center Georgios Papagiannis. There are rumors that Shabazz Muhammad could be bought out by the Timberwolves and the same for Brandan Wright of the Memphis Grizzlies. 


Last year, the Wizards signed Brandon Jennings on March 1. It could take some time for them to make a move, as the Cavaliers and other top teams will be in the mix for the best options that hit the market.

The Wizards could use some depth at the wing and center positions. They are set at point guard with Tomas Satoransky and Tim Frazier backing up John Wall, who is currently out due to injury. A shooting guard who could spell Bradley Beal or a small forward that would allow the Wizards to more often go small with Otto Porter and Kelly Oubre on the floor together would make sense.

The Wizards have some time to figure this out and just because the trade deadline has passed doesn't mean they are done adding pieces. Expect them to be active in the post-deadline free agent market.


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Jeff Green hopes recent playoff success can rub off on Wizards

Jeff Green hopes recent playoff success can rub off on Wizards

Jeff Green's basketball résumé got a significant boost this spring and summer as his Cleveland Cavaliers marched all the way to the NBA Finals before they were swept by the Golden State Warriors. It was Green's first time going past the second round of the playoffs and the experience, he says, was invaluable.

Green has come about as close to winning a championship without actually winning one and he certainly hopes to get back in that position. Green believes his new team, the Washington Wizards, have the tools to make a deep playoff run and it's one of the reasons why he signed a free agent deal to join them.

"Being there last year myself with Cleveland, I know it takes a lot. It takes a lot of pieces. I feel like this team has them," he said. "We can get back to that point. When I got the call, I felt like it was the best opportunity for myself to get there."

The Wizards' franchise has not been past the second round of the playoffs since 1979, when they were known as the Bullets. That was before anyone on their roster was born.

But Green pointed to the open Eastern Conference and the talent on the roster as reasons to believe they can accomplish some things that they haven't in decades. They may be capable, but putting it all together is easier said than done.

Green hopes to be one of the glue guys necessary for the Wizards to reach their potential, in part by sharing the lessons he learned.

"Never take it for granted. There are a lot of greats that have never been there," he said. "Getting to the Finals and being part of that was beyond amazing. With the experience and seeing what it took, I can bring that here and get everybody on the same page of knowing what it takes and the sacrifices that you have to do to get to that point."

Green over and over mentioned how it takes a collective effort to go to the conference finals and beyond, but he did show some self-awareness and a sense of humor about his own experience in Cleveland. All teams are different and the one he just left was a unique situation.

"You can’t get there individually. I mean, you can, we did last year. I mean, LeBron [James] carried us all the way there," he joked. "But there’s only one LeBron, but to get there you have to have team unity. You all have to be on the same page and sacrifice to make sure you’re doing what it takes to get the team there. I think that’s the biggest key. It’s not an individual thing… unless you’re LeBron."

If the Wizards are to reach their goals and go to the conference finals or the NBA Finals, they will have to do it differently than the Cavaliers did. They do not have a player on the level of James who can do much of it by himself. But Green said the process of imparting his wisdom has already started.

"I talked to John [Wall]," Green said. "Knowing that he wants to get to the Finals, I was just picking his brain and what he thinks is needed to get there. And me sharing my experience of getting to the Finals and what it takes."

The Wizards have reached a point as an organization where they have urgency to reach new heights. Green believes he can help them get there.

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