Len rarely watches Terps, misses ACC rivalries with Duke and UNC


The University of Maryland's move from the ACC to the Big 10 in 2014 was a controversial move at the time, though the reasons were well-publicized and, to many, understandable. Basically, they made a lot of money and in doing so secured the future of their sports programs.

Understandable or not, there are still many fans who yearn for the team's old ACC rivalries, particularly with Duke. The Terps and Blue Devils battled it out for decades, but haven't played since Maryland switched conferences.

Wizards center Alex Len can be counted among those who miss the rivalries. The former Terps star said it has affected his passion for the team.

"I think I’ve only watched one game this year. I kind of stopped watching games after they went to the Big 10. I mean, I watch games here and there, but I miss those old rivals like Duke and UNC when I was there," he said.

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Len is now back in the area after signing with the Wizards in January. He said he still keeps up with head coach Mark Turgeon and hopes to make a visit to College Park soon to see some of the staff members that were there when he played for Maryland from 2011 to 2013.


There is still some familiarity for Len, but clearly things have changed since they left the ACC. There are likely a lot of fans who feel the same. The Big 10 is a great basketball conference, but there is nothing like when Maryland and Duke were top-ranked teams going at it twice a year on national TV.