With nearly two weeks passed since the trade that sent Jodie Meeks to the Milwaukee Bucks, the Wizards have a decision to make on Tuesday to fill the open roster spot he left behind.

The Wizards need to add a player to their NBA roster to reach the league minimum of 14. They had 14 days from when the Meeks trade was completed on Oct. 15 to do so.

At this point, the Wizards are highly likely to promote a player from within to fill that final roster spot, according to multiple people familiar with the situation. 

The Wizards have several directions they can go if they do pick an in-house player. They could promote one of their players on two-way contracts, Jordan McRae or Devin Robinson. Or, they could negotiate an NBA contract with a player from their G-League team.

Given those parameters, four players stand out as likely options: McRae and Robinson, plus forward LaVoy Allen and guard Chasson Randle. All four have varying degrees of NBA experience.

For the two-way players, the Wizards could either convert one of their deals to an NBA contract, or they could negotiate a new deal altogether. For those on the G-League team, the Wizards would work up a new deal irrespective of their current contract. 

Regardless of whom they sign, any contract would likely be non-guaranteed until Jan. 10.

The four players the Wizards have, who boast NBA experience, bring different selling points to the table. Allen, 29, has 388 career NBA games across seven total seasons. He is also a big man and the Wizards have two starters in their front court dealing with injuries in Dwight Howard and Markieff Morris.


Randle, 25, is a guard, so he could fill the void left by Meeks. So is McRae, who has appeared in four NBA seasons, including the Wizards in 2018-19. Robinson, 23, is the youngest and least experienced of the group, but could help at the power forward position and has intriguing upside.

Two other names to watch with outside odds would be guards Chris Chiozza and Tiwian Kendley. They participated in NBA training camp before getting assigned to the Go-Go.

After trading Meeks, the Wizards' initial thought was to evaluate their internal players first before looking elsewhere. With a new G-League team, they have for the first time in franchise history a pipeline of players who have already been in their program and have an understanding of their system. 

The Wizards hope to use their new resources with the Capital City Go-Go whenever possible. This decision could be an early example of the benefits from that investment.

The Wizards could still go in another direction. An injury or something else unforeseen could dictate their list of needs. But the guys already in-house appear to have a major leg up for the 14th spot as the deadline nears.