Analyst says Kyrie Irving 'would be John Wall' without LeBron


Kyrie Irving continues to take heat for his comments suggesting he was a better late-game option than LeBron James when the two played together in Cleveland. And for some reason, the Wizards keep getting dragged into the discussion.

First, Nick Wright of FS1 said Irving was a "less-interesting Gilbert Arenas." Wright then called Irving "Bradley Beal with a ring." Beal noticed his mention and called Wright out for it on Twitter.

Now, we have a John Wall reference. Like Wright did with Beal, Emmanuel Acho used Wall as a comparison to show how Irving is overrated.

"The fact of the matter is Kyrie is out of line. Without LeBron James, Kyrie is John Wall. That's who Kyrie is. He's a really good player, a No. 1 overall pick, a five- or six-time All-Star, he's been on the All-NBA team once in his career. Without LeBron James, Kyrie needs to remember exactly who he is," Acho said on FS1.

Irving and Wall have certainly been compared many times over the years as Eastern Conference point guards picked first overall in back-to-back drafts. This just isn't the context Wall would probably prefer to be included in.

In a way, Acho is right, that Wall stacks up favorably to Irving despite the fact Irving has drawn more acclaim as an NBA champion. But it's also seemingly a shot at Wall, as Acho is using him as an example of a perceived lesser player. Wall is too accomplished to be used as a slight.


Regardless, it's just interesting the Wizards keep getting pulled into the mix. Maybe Skip Bayless will invoke Anzejs Pasecniks' name next.