Antawn Jamison played for the Wizards during a pretty solid stretch during the franchise's history. He also played with some bonafide stars in Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood and Gilbert Arenas.

So when he mentions them in the same sentence as Bradley Beal and John Wall, it's something to note. Jamison, who rejoined the Wizards late this summer as the team's Director of Pro Personnel, sat down with NBC Sports Washington's Chris Miller and Chase Hughes on the Wizards Talk Podcast to talk about his new role and look ahead to the upcoming season. When the topic of his playing mates and stable of stars came up, his answer about what Beal and Wall can do was quite complimentary.


"Somewhat of a blueprint. It's been done before," Jamison said on the podcast. "And the thing about it, it's a quick turnaround from when myself and Caron and Brendan and Gilbert left to when John and Bradley got here. Quickly they had success. Paul Pierce was a vet who came in and kind of showed them that championship pedigree and the DNA. But when we left it was like, it's expectations for this organization. Before I got here, maybe the era when Chris Webber and those guys for that one year, but before that, it wasn't any expectations.

"I didn't win a championship when I played," Jamison continued. "This is the only opportunity for myself to walk around with a ring that I didn't pay for. I've got a lot of rings at the house, but I paid for them. And that's the only goal I have left, Chris. I love this organization. I love the people that are here with it, Mr. Leonsis, I mean, an unbelievable guy, I respect him. I want to give him that gift of being part of the pieces that put this big puzzle together."